2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV – POV Second Impressions (Binaural Audio)

-Filmed with the Yi 4K Action Camera
-Audio recorded with Roland CS-10EM Binaural Mics
-Zoom H2n recorder

Full List of Video Equipment:

The audio in this video was recorded with in-ear binaural microphones. With headphones or earbuds on, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the driver’s seat.

I’m also the producer for the Winding Road YouTube Channel:

TheTopher on YouTube is the place where I share my personal automotive adventures. Whether it’s about any of my personal cars or reviews on weekly test vehicles, the goal is to give you an idea of what a certain car is like to drive and live with. Most of my videos are filmed from the driver’s point-of-view, or POV, with in-ear binaural audio.

25 Replies to “2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV – POV Second Impressions (Binaural Audio)”

  1. Danny Murphy

    Was gonna comment and say that if you used automatic mode in the climate control whilst driving fast on the highway during cold weather that accelerates the rate in which the cabin temperature drops being so aerodynamic it envelopes itself in cold air when moving in cold weather with as little pockets of still air w/out turbulence in the name of efficiency yes, but it's a double edged sword because that reduces the cabin temp like i said in cold weather. Very small trade off though considering without the drag coefficient being as good as it is the car would be terrible.

  2. David Drake

    Oh I thought you bought or leased it like I did. I am an Uber/Lyft/Bounce driver and it is in my area anyway a perfect vehicle ( I have Superchargers location within 50 miles) I use that super cool one MPH up down/hold ten MPH up down down to 24 MPH cruise control all the time. I have a 1996 Acura 3.2 TL with longitudinal engine and FWD with 400,000 miles on it. It takes a lot to impress me on any car! I was once complimented on its quietness by a Rolls Royce owner!!! So driving down a busy freeway with the windows up and not hearing anything is not new. After 6 months driving this Bolt, I am VERY impressed! In many ways it feels like a luxury car. Oh I have the safety package which has blind spot indicators in the side mirrors which is phenomenal! Very very good reviews.

  3. djkenny

    Stop driving like an Ass. Just slow down. Stop at stop signs. Pedestrians and cyclists, other drivers.. there is other people on the road. The horn? Why? That guy was waiting for a car to pass. Neighborhood roads, keep it at 20 mph, above that is really dangerous for children and pets. I love the visibility in my old 92 GTI, most new cars just SUCK. Subaru does a good job, too. Few do. Aside from your driving style, good review. I like this is the base LT, I would not want anymore features than already come with it, and not a fan of leather.

  4. Mendicant Bias

    The model you are driving has a screen built in to the rearview mirror that shows a wide angle rear view when flipped over. It also comes with CarPlay or Android Auto so navigation can be displayed on the main dash screen.

  5. TheTruthQuest123

    4:28.. not me.. and no gm is not known for thick steering wheels.. maybe the last 7 years or so.. Buicks and cadis are famous for having pencil steering wheels.. which i hate

    I like Bmws thick s.w… so im glad they went thick

  6. wincrasher2007

    Remember that you have brake lights when you hold down the paddle. You don't want to sit at a light without holding the paddle as someone could not realize you are stopped. I'd like to see the stopping effort be tied to how hard you hold down the paddle – currently it's all or nothing.

  7. Ashelm56

    The Bolt doesn't have Adaptive Cruise Control, yet at least. The Gen 2 Volt didn't either during the 2016 model year. It only finally started showing up on the 2017 models.

    My guess is GM was having some issues with it, so they're probably still working out the kinks in it much like they had to with the Volt. But having it on my 2017 Volt, it's really nice, and will bring your car to a stop, but it gets uncomfortably close to the car in front before it stops.

    But for everyday driving on the freeway, it's nice when the cars decide to do the accordion effect where they slow down, then speed up, and repeat.

  8. John Fortunato

    Two points. Does it or doesn't it have adaptive cruise control? If you're going to review a car, RTFM. Second point. I assume that the heating and air conditioning choices aren't between completely off and full on. Maybe the battery wouldn't drain as much, if the fan wasn't all the way up.

  9. Arnis

    Range estimation is estimation. If you start driving on highway you will not lose range the way how numbers falls. Range estimation drops like 30 miles within few minutes because you lose 30 over 2 hours of driving at that speed. If you end highway after 5minutes you "regain" the range. actually you didn't lose range.

  10. Gordon Warlow

    Great review! Thanks for uploading. I am still unsure about Chevrolet's committment to EVs. Seems like there haven't been too many made, and from what I can see, dealerships are not very "excited" about EVs due to their low projected maintenance costs. We'll see. Cheers.

  11. Bruce Burns

    Windscreen wipers swipe is innovative , no American person now has an excuse not to buy American made and designed now as the days of being behind in tech etc are well and truly over .

  12. Tim H

    You should try driving in L mode. Just pull the shifter down 1 time. It's actually called one pedal driving. You won't need to use the paddle to slow down. Just regulate your speed and regen braking with the accelerator pedal. Way more efficient too! PS: You drive like a jerk!

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