20 Replies to “2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV interior walkthrough”

  1. DriverSteve

    At 0:45, except that it causes my eyes to refocus dramatically to see it and it takes a half second for my eyes to refocus! That's too much and very uncomfortable for me! Please fix in your later models, please!!!

  2. Craig Ephraim

    When will you add more widget options for the customizable screen? Would be great to be able to have more options, like BT status, tire pressure, and energy efficiency. I know the latter two can be found in the DIC, but I want something persistent in the center console.

  3. vavrorvav

    this video was uploaded on 06.01.2016, it is now 06.01.2017 and the bolt is here with 60kwh, 200hp, 0-60 (0-100) in 6,5s, 238miles (380km) range, 37k $ which is not that huge jump considering the battery is now 2-3 times bigger than before, this is simply AMAZING!!! chevy is the first in the world now with affordable EV with more than 200miles

  4. Russ Tanner

    What kind of a warranty will it have? I love the technology. But with all of the electronics, it seems like there are a lot of failure points. Will the warranty cover electronics long term?

  5. FPChris

    How bright are those WHITE and LIGHT BLUE colors on the display at night? Can they be read easily >while driving< in direct sunlight? or at night?

  6. Lou M LL

    Car company copies each other. This car for example, the exterior looks more like the Honda Fit or Nissan Versa and the Shifter looks like Chevy copying from an Audi or BMW. I bet if you look further that there are tons of copycat stuffs from other brands. GM used to think their car designs are original, not anymore, I think the competitors are. I bet almost entire car is Daewoo, electronic equipments are Korean and people here has no clue thinking that Chevy is 100% American.

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