8 Replies to “2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV – "How are the seats?"”

  1. Gordon Warlow

    So the front seats in the Bolt are about the same width as airline seats in economy class… Interesting. Looks like GM engineers have created a car that has a longer range, but narrower seats (possibly less comfortable on longer drives for some people). I could see this as an issue for older drivers. Probably not a deal-breaker though. Thanks for uploading this video.

  2. Henk Booms

    Hi Chris, Nice watching your video's! I'm awaiting my new car (it's called the Opel Ampera-e in Europe). Can you show me more about the steering wheel controls, like cruise control, menu buttons, heating and so on. Also I like to see the Bose sound system, where's the subwoofer. Unfortunately the display in the center mirror is not available in Europe, despite can you show us more how it works and what you can see on it. Thanks in advance and keep on going 🙂

  3. Peter

    Thanks I'm enjoying your channel. The Mrs. & I personally tried the bolt on the 31st of August. We loved the car but we were both surprised at how the back of the seat felt like they were digging into our shoulder blades, if they fix that in future models we would surely consider the bolt.

  4. Steve Heller

    I think Chevy got a little carried away with trying to save weight. I recently sat in a bolt lt, and the seats seemed fine. Chris, you may be right about that plastic that you need to slide over though. And no spare!

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