16 Replies to “2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV EPA rated at 238 miles per charge”

  1. Roland

    instead of making the bolt more attractive and affordable, they make 5 awesome,good looking special edition trucks. They don't want to sell this car to the masses…

  2. Honesty Counts

    For anyone who has to commute a lot too and from work, then this Bolt is a 'no brainer'. It will save you enough on gas costs to pay for itself, plus it needs almost no regular maintenance other than rotating the tires. But for retired guys like me, who only use their cars once in a while, buying a low cost 'econo' car like a Scion iA with a gas engine is still far cheaper, since it is only driven 2,000 miles or less per year.

  3. Mario D. Zmaj

    These bastards just overcharge the sweet electric cars, what government gives you back as reward for going eco, they just add to the price of the vehicle and put in their own pockets. This should be illegal. 37 grand for a small hatchback, I mean, cmon. What a sweet sweet car tho…

  4. Jefff

    Hey GM, why don't you take up Elon Musk's offer and join in on Tesla's Supercharger network. I would consider a Bolt over a Model 3 if it was like 7 grand less than the 3.

  5. databeestje

    TL;DR; No Charging? Really?

    I know these events are carefully orchestrated, but it is striking to see that none of "reviews" attempted to DC quickcharge the car. This is something I don't hold against the Bolt perse, as it appears none of the reviewers that test drive an electric car try a quick charger. You should just try it, 20 minutes looks long on paper, but my car finishes before McD finished my McChicken and 2 coffee.

  6. EV Owner

    Chevy always does a good job making EVs; too bad the company wants them dead. The dealers don't want a low/no maintenance car, the company doesn't want EVs to threaten their gas cars. They refuse to help build a necessary rapid charge infrastructure (like Tesla did). It will be a great car, but not practical since you can't drive it out of state (which is where GM wants it).

  7. SmartElectricCar

    We own a 250 mile range EV and the fuel savings is $2000 PER YEAR. An 8 year ownership of this car puts this similar in long term cost as a Honda Civic! With 200 HP and rapid acceleration like all EV's from a stop, lots of room, this is a compelling car, congratulations GM, while we're going to get another Tesla, this Chevy Bolt is a great new EV on the market.

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