2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Car Review

The E.P.A. estimates the Chevrolet Bolt EV can travel 238 miles on a fully charged battery. In the process of finding out if that’s true, Tom Voelk determines if this is a car you’d want to live with as your only vehicle…



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About Tom:
Tom Voelk is an award-winning automotive contributor to The New York Times. His podcast was the first to win an Emmy Award. He also married way out of his league. Now, stop reading this promotional copy bragging about Tom’s photography and editing skills and watch a couple episodes. It’s much more interesting.

25 Replies to “2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Car Review”

  1. Matt Barnes

    Great Video and great review! Good thing you didn’t compare it to the Model 3 just like every idiot reviewer on YouTube does…..since they are not for the same buyer, not even in same class of car…..only thing they have in common are the range and that they are EV’s oh and that made up “starting at $35,000 base model” that doesn’t exist at all yet.

  2. Claude Lyneis

    Just saw your review. I have had my Bolt for about 1.5 years and I think you did a good job reviewing it. You are right on about its practicality and fun driving it. It is a mystery, why GM doesn't have a real marketing campaign. Even now I find people, who are well educated and active who have either never heard of it or have no idea that it has the range and power to be a practical car. Initially I wasn't excited about driving a hatchback, but it is really very practical. As the price of batteries falls and a fast charging network appears, the economics will drive the market to EV's. Automakers see it coming and are making plans. No more 850 part transmissions.

  3. John Smith

    I am interested in the EV, however they are going to have to work out some of the problems with them. One is the price. They need to get the price in the same range of a comparable gas model which would be at least half the current prices. Second they need to get the driving range up to around 500 miles using heat or air. Third they need to get the charging times down to 10 to 15 minutes empty to full charge. Right now they are not practical. At best they are an over priced toy.

  4. Tom Smith

    I'd buy one of these in a moment if I had a house. If only more multi-family communities offered 240 charging it would be much more practical. I'll just stick with my Hybrid and envy those with total EV harmony.

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