2016 Nissan Leaf Range Test: from 95% to 7%

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Got a chance to take the 30kW Nissan Leaf for another range test, this time with more ideal conditions. Mostly the same route as before, I managed to get just over 70 miles of range and around 9 miles remaining with 114 miles on the gauge in the beginning.

Could the range be better? Absolutely.

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  1. marcgrondin65

    As I understand it (in the states) the speed (upper) limit is usually 70 or 75 .. however nothing prevents you from going at a reasonable 60 :: which would greatly enhance you autonomy.
    Also remember to pre-heat your car : to be using the wall/charger current instead of the car's battery.
    -> also, if you know you are to travel longer distances : make sure you charge to 100% (not 95%) : and plan your recharges (distance to, where, available charger & types).

  2. David Tonkin

    I have the same Leaf. I can drive from my home to 14 miles away and still have the same estimated miles I left home with. I drive with it in B mode, (a double click in drive mode, heavy regen.) Only use heated seats and heated steering wheel. Light on the throttle.

  3. Paul Smith

    And here is the problem I’ve been watching your speedometer and you’ve gone from 70 miles an hour to 56 miles an hour so you can’t stay at the speed limit that is a massive issue

  4. Tore Lund

    As a not Leaf owner, I was anticipating some kWh readout at the end of the video? Especially as you practiced some serious hypermiling en route, which is how I drive most of the time too. Maybe not All is lost: I get 1 mile Per %, as you do, however I have a 20kwh battery, so that is 160Wh/mile (from the battery, not the Charger), so what size battery is in your Leaf?

  5. Page Seven

    How many average miles/kwh were you getting? I have a 2015 24kwh Leaf and I seem to be able to get somewhere around 4.2-4.5 mi/kwh. But I live in a warmer city area and don't do much high-speed highway driving.

  6. Jestronix Handerson

    Great short haul car 🙂 30km round trip for work and most I do is 80klms on average for weekend stuff. Use leafspy if your buying a leaf, take on a test drive and look for sagging cells, if the owner has charged it up , all the cells will be balanced and look good. Go for a hard drive in it, work it a bit and look at the max cell drop, 50-100mv is fine . SOH and HX is key. I found 30kwh models with the same actual KWh as good condition 24s. Owners were asking 30% more price for the 30s yet only had the same as cheaper good health 24s. Eg 10bar 30 is a 11-12 bar 24. Not sure why Nissan sold the 30kwh , 6 kWh more isn’t ground breaking.

  7. ahmed ahmed

    I put the air condition off….put the car in eco-mode and installed bike pedals…let's see if we get 60 miles of range out of the 200 miles promised while driving not harder than 55 mph downhill and 2 mph uphill!!!Warnig …your range will drop to 20 miles when it is freezing and you put the aircondition on when it is only minus 20 degrees outside

  8. Yaman Kaytaz

    My 30kwh 2016 lead usually gives me an estimated range of 186 km (115 miles) on a full charge with eco mode off. I only have 10 bars left. Usually that estimation is accurate, but only if I drive mostly on flat roads, be they open roads or internal ones. Obviously if your route is hilly and has lots of climb then your range will be a lot less than estimated.

  9. Yaman Kaytaz

    My 2016 Nissan Leaf is 30 kWh with 10 bars now (77% SOH) but I’m practically getting 180 km from 100% to 6% battery, with mixed driving on open road and otherwise. It is possible to attain that and more once you get better at coasting and driving more efficiently. Not slowly, just efficiently. I drive with eco mode off btw. That said, I’m in New Zealand and the temperature these days is early autumn, not that cold. Almost spring like.

  10. Peter K.

    I have 2012 Nissan Leaf, only 4 bars left on this thing. At best we can get 22 miles out of it, needs to be charged every single night. My commute is 7.2 miles each way (goodness, I never knew that prior to getting an EV). Nissan wants ridiculous money for a battery replacement (no way I will pay $9,000). It`s a BAD deal all around, and somehow I still LOVE it lol. It ruins you for life as far as IC cars go. I literally don`t want to enter my formerly precious Dodge charger, because it`s a Flintstones era concept. EV is the way to go.

  11. ked Duff

    range estimate was 30miles off and that's with ECO mode on and AC off.
    Thats bad because if he had turned on his heater then that range would have dropped another 10 or 20

    effectively putting the car at 50 miles of total range, if your doing highway driving in cold weather.


    Very accurate. I have a little concern regarding the 30kwh leafs. I bought mine with only 4000 miles on clock, so battery is pretty new. I noticed through doing some tests lately, I focused on miles per kwh. I achieved 4.5. now if you have a 30kwh or very close, then even at 4.0 miles per kwh should be 120. Mine was 4.5, so should be there to higher. I managed 99.3 miles with 8% left. So I'd say it would have been 105 at end. Interesting after another test, I got the car down to about 1% battery left, just made it home. I charge for 4 hours which I find 1 hour gives me 25%. So I got to 100% battery from very low. Yet it put in 23.6 kWh to get to 100%. But that's is not a full 30. It's almost like I bought a 24kwh version to be honest. It's a little odd. I know they say they can degrade, but a virtually new bettery should not be 6kwh less that quick for sure. Otherwise it would be dead in like 20000 miles lol

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