2016 Nissan LEAF – Intelligent Key Remote Battery Replacement (if so equipped)

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Intelligent Key Remote Battery Replacement (if so equipped)
Replacing the battery in your Intelligent Key can be simple if you follow this procedure.
● First, see the Owner’s Manual for the recommended battery before replacing.
● Next, release the lock knob and remove the mechanical key from the Intelligent Key.
● Place a cloth over a small flathead screwdriver and insert the tip into THIS slit.
● Now, twist the screwdriver to separate the Intelligent Key into two pieces.
● Look at the battery to observe which side is up, so you can put the replacement battery in the same way.
● Ensure your hands are clean and free from oil and grease before touching anything inside the keyfob.
● Carefully hold the new battery by the edges every time you pick it up.
● Remove the discharged battery while being careful not to touch the internal circuits or electrical terminals.
● Gently place the new battery into the Intelligent Key with the negative side oriented in the same direction you noted during removal.
● Align the tips of the two halves and then close the keyfob by pushing along the edges.
● Lastly, operate the Intelligent Key to ensure it works properly.

If you need assistance with replacement, it is recommended you visit a NISSAN dealer.

Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system limitations and additional operating information.

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