40 Replies to “2016 Chevrolet Volt and Chevrolet Bolt Reveal”

  1. rpgfightin4ever

    so as I understand now, without Tesla Roadster, there will be now Volt, and without Model SX3 there will be no Bolt as it is now. Like, Chevrolet will be too shy to bring it down, without proper EV cult which Tesla created

  2. VoltecRules

    The Volt is in a class by itself. It can get 9,000 mpg if you drive less than 50 miles per day. It has unlimited range, unlike a Tesla or Leaf. It is fast off the line…I mean it's really fast with 273 lbs of torque at zero rpm. People that have other agendas say it looks like a Civic so they don't have to address just how awesome this vehicle really is. What car has unlimited range and up to 9,000 mpg? Enough said! My 2914 Volt cost $22,195 after all government rebates. The new Volt should be cheaper. If I was a Toyota salesman I would say it looks like a Civic too, because the Prius only gets 50 mpg. If I was working for An oil company I would say it looks like a Civic to try to make you buy something else. At 9,000 mpg oil companies would not sell much oil. Love my Volt!!!!

  3. John Edmonds

    Our Volt is the best car we have ever owned! We will buy a new Volt as soon as they are available. Would like to drive a Bolt and see which one is the better choice! Money well spent! Gas savings makes the monthly payment!

  4. Nick Edison

    Even if the GM version was identical to the Tesla, you should buy a Tesla out of pure loyalty to the brand, and appreciation for the risk Elon Musk took with his own money to make it a reality.

  5. Nick Edison

    too hell with General Motors. Why can't their first all electric 200+ mile car look like a decent sedan or something!? pure garbage the entire company. GM will stall for a decade before we see anything close to that hit the market anyways. 

  6. shivercanada

    Nice BUT I don't forget….like the fact that they didn't recall cars to fix a 50 CENT PART that ended up KILLING 13 drivers since 2005 and more than 2.6 million cars have been deemed unsafe to drive. I DON'T TRUST ANYONE who puts 50 cent parts OVER 13 human lives…with families that will never get them back. I'm waiting for the lower cost Tesla thank you very much. Just like a relationship, once you loose trust, it's gone forever

  7. danwat1234

    No 6.6KW charging, still has ERDTT (but probably defeatable), no cabin heatpump heating, don't know if regen cutoff when it detects wheel slip still happens (makes user think there is unintended acceleration), with 0-60 in I think 8.4 seconds, still looks like the engine cannot assist electric motor with maximum acceleration in a special drive mode. There is a hack for older Volts to do this, about 0-60 in 7 seconds.

    Don't know if the new Volt has to honk when the car starts charging

  8. Gillette Zenner

    The exteriors looks a bit civic-y and the wheels very ford focus st -y …  but I still like the looks better than the last gen Volt.  And the powertrain improvements are awesome!

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