45 Replies to “2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous vs 2014 Nissan GT-R Drag Racing 1/4 Mile”

  1. Ron Shirley

    I love reading the comments for this kind of video. Doesn't matter what kind of car..always so much hate, so many excuses. Why? This is science kids, an electric motor can use all of its Torque and Horsepower at 0 RPMs. A gasoline motor is anywhere from 2-3000 RPMs. I love my big V8 but I love my science too, and the tesla is an amazing piece of engineering.

  2. Jizzl3 _2x

    I rewinded the video 3 times. The Tesla jumped the light bad the first time but the Gtr Did not jump the 2nd. I repeat Did not. From the time the light turned green the Gtr took off. The Tesla wasn't gonna catch up anyway plus we love the real car sound of the Gtr

  3. Alex K

    Electric is boring! No rev limit, no vibration, no combustion sound, no smell. A driver who enjoys sporty driving being behind a wheel in a Tesla is similar to smelling flowers in a gas mask or a hooker for one night. It is not the car of choice.

  4. AztekDJ

    The driver in the Nissan had really slow reaction time, hence the reason why the Tesla kept winning..! Don't get me wrong the Tesla is bloody quick, though against a Nissan GT-R, nahhh driver error..!!

  5. Adam D

    Why do gtr fanboys defend that car no matter what, I mean its a fast car and everyone knows it but its just a matter of time before most cars end up like the tesla or faster. People have to understand technology is getting better and things we think are advanced today will soon look like sticks and stones.

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