2015 Nissan Leaf Cabin Air Filter

Standard Filter:
Upgraded Carbon Filter:

00:10 – Remove Panel Below Glove Compartment
00:39 – Open Cabin Air Filter Panel
01:10 – Remove Cabin Air Filter
01:37 – Compare New/Old Filter
02:21 – Install New Filter
03:31 – Install Air Filter Panel
04:02 – Install Panel Below Glove Compartment

16 Replies to “2015 Nissan Leaf Cabin Air Filter”

  1. Jean-Marc

    I also removed the panel behind the glove box and was able to access the filter. But that way the access is very limited and I really had to bend myself to the extreme to see and touch the filter panel. It was easy to remove the old filter and place the new one. It took me about 10 minutes from start to finish. On my 2015 LEAF I purchased a FRAM CF11177 Arm & Hammer filter. Thank you for the video, it really helped me a lot because I am not handy at all.

  2. Tyler Hardy

    I thought everyone has their head out of their ass when it came to cabin filter placement at this point… All the ones I've done recently are just behind the glovebox in their own little tray that easily slides out and back in in 2 minutes. Nissan really dropped the ball here! Thanks for the video.

  3. mikeyrey

    Thank you for your video – very easy and the part is $7. I took my Leaf into the dealer for a routine checkup. They said I needed a new cabin filter for $70. I said that they just changed that on the last visit. The rep said, "well, it's dirty." Thanks to your video, I opted to check the filter at home. The filter was sparkling white – the dealer didn't even check. If it had been dirty, $7 sure beats $70.

  4. Roger Hagen

    thanks a million! saved me a ton of time trying to figure this simple replacement out. I have a 2104 and it is the same design. pull off the under carriage below the glove box, pop the lower clip on the filter case, pull off, remove old, replace with new filter and close it up. Done. For myself I did empty the glove box and pop the interior side panel off for visibility. I'm too big to twist my head under the dash so settled for the glove box doors corner stabbing me in the throat while I worked. That at least let me see my hands and the filter case area.

    The funny part about this is that when we first leased it we wanted it replaced as the off gassing plastic would not go away which took about 2.5 years incidentally. The dealership told me they had to remove the dashboard to get at it and we got soaked out of some BS money for labor. I could not believe it but of course nothing in the manual says a word about it. Now that I own it – despite the dealership I love the vehicle – I'll do as much maintenance as I can myself. Thank you again for posting this!!

  5. ferkemall

    Nice one ,there are anti bacteria sprays with a long nozzel that you can spray ,it comes out as a foam i spray mine about twice a year , down the airtake on the front bulkhead !

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