2013 Tesla Model S first drive | Consumer Reports

Tesla from the ground-up, this all-electric luxury sedan pushes boundaries and challenges traditional thinking. Consumer Reports checks it out at the test track.

We’ve finished testing! Check out our complete road test of the top-scoring Tesla Model S:

44 Replies to “2013 Tesla Model S first drive | Consumer Reports”

  1. jhumenik97

    I think they should cut the price down some. I think it's a bit too much power. Who really drives that fast in the city? The big screen is cool, but it could be smaller. At this, it would be more around $60,000 and would sell better

  2. Arfdog

    That wasn't Obama's work. That was Congress, the "other government agency". lol. Damn yall are stupid when it comes to American government. Because you know, Congress does this thing called making laws which dictate subsidies.

  3. Deon Hamilton

    They are on target to sell over 20,000 cars, should i say they have sold over 20,000 they now just have to make them thats about 1 years production even if they didn't sell any more, so i predict your prediction is wrong.

  4. lgadwords

    The instand torque is good for summer driving but what about winter? how does the torque perform under snow and ice conditions, I'd assume you don't always want all that power when stuck in snow.

  5. kg8elbee

    Actually it was George Bush that doled out the money to help get the electrics on the market . The money was well used by most …welllll Ford took a crappy little econo box and put a very limited range electric drive system into it . Of course the $40 price tag is right up there with the better cars , Ford Foc-us !.Seventy five or so miles and you are standing there with an extension cord , looking for a plug and a few hours to charge . Other automakers gave a far better return .

  6. Xaiano

    because home circuits don't provide the same amperage as the ones at the charge stations.
    I wouldn't worry about home charge times since unless you drive more than 250 miles per day every day, you can just charge at night.

  7. Xaiano

    steal? they loaned them the money – which they paid back – with interest.
    If you're talking about gas then you'd be right, as over 4 billion per year is given to gas companies in subsidies – which they do not pay back – ever.


  8. Ryan C

    I was skeptical about the quality…right up to when I grabbed its door handle, opened the door, and sat inside. You really need to see (and feel) it to believe it. I'd buy one this instant, even over the Volvos I am in love with. All to do is convince my mum that range isn't that much of an issue. Price isn't really either, after you work out the fuel savings (or lack of fuel costs altogether, really).

  9. blaise johnny

    this has already changed the game. the more tesla model S sold the less gas cars get bought. all we should wait for now is engine cars dropping prices and and gas prices dropping dramatically in the next few years.

  10. ThinkingBetter

    It's only unjust for those who want to keep our polluting oil economy alive. Governments have green targets and will continue to favor greener cars, like it or not. Go to Norway and the Tesla Model S P85 is about 1/3 of the price of a BMW M5.

  11. lasuvidaboy

    Tesla needs to re-work the a/c system in the Model S. A friend bought his Tesla several months ago but when the weather started to warm up here in So California, the small vents and insufficient cold air flow simply can't keep the cabin ( even the front seat passengers don't receive enough cool air). I can imagine larger dashboard vents and a re-worked a/c system in future models.

  12. ThinkingBetter

    Yes, it's hard to imagine Tesla wont make a much better Roadster, when they get to that stage of development. EV technology is really perfect for a super accelerating and super economical Roadster type car and as technology improves, that becomes only more so.

  13. dagrome

    There's a Tesla store in the King of Prussia mall. Got to sit in one of these, and I must say I was impressed. I would say, however, that the biggest drawback to these cars is still the long charging times. Going on road trips with this car just can't happen.

  14. edwong3

    "Most people?" They (Tesla) sold the entire production run of the Roadster. There is talk about a new version of the Roadster after the Tesla Gen 3 and Crossover models are introduced in the next 3 years or so.

  15. dirtymonkey03

    That's some thing I always think of. I saw a video where there is this airport (can't remember the country) that if you want to charge your phone you have to get on a bike an make your own electricity. I wonder if they could make a system similar to that but beef it up so that it can be used in a car.

  16. Albert Santoso

    Nowadays, it's very easy to get the price, especially when you are ready to buy. It's the way the industries stay current. Why mention something that will eventually change and get it cemented in the internet?

    Plus with all the misc. numbers, taxes (per county), Fed/State rebates, handling and DMV fees. It's just adding to the headache where the whole idea about video clips like this is to review the car. 🙂

  17. Chaotic Damanged

    That car is cool, now it will be awesome if the guys that built that car designs a electric car that can generate it's own electricity while the car is being driven. If they do that, I would be a happy man and will buy a car from them and I wouldn't have to worry about buying gasoline a lot.

  18. babybirdhome

    Yes, that's true, but with the 85 KW/h body, the range loss is almost unnoticeable. A/C draws a maximum of about 2,000 watts, and only intermittently when the interior is very hot. Once it cools down, the A/C starts to draw only a couple hundred watts, still intermittently. Headlights draw about 35 watts each, so all the lights together may draw upwards of 200 watts. That's 425 hours of headlight use, and about 42 hours of continuous A/C at maximum output, or probably 100-200 hours of real use.

  19. babybirdhome

    I'd bet that when their vehicles are accessible to the more mainstream buyer they will openly advertise their prices along with the car everywhere. What they're doing with the Model S is no different than Mercedes does with their S-class sedans which are pretty close competition. For the people they're marketed to today, they don't need to put the price up front. It's a fair question though.

  20. dima G

    This is a beautiful car indeed. I have driven the I-Miev and the leaf and they were great. I can only imagine how amazing this car must be to drive. Good luck to the Tesla company!!

  21. AlexandruAsk

    A supreb looking seven seater sedan, faster than a Corvette or a Porsche 911, fitted with a 17" central display (which features software that is being constantly updated), with a top range of 300 miles and FREE hyper-charging station that will soon be found all over the country. We should not forget that electric cars have lower taxes, the cheapest maintenance on the market and the electricity is cheaper than gas. Also, zero CO2 emissions at the tail pipe.

    Would buy one in a heart beat.

  22. yaCantGetFooledAgain

    If gas cars really are all that good, why did Obama and other government agencies have to steal money from the taxpayers to help subsidies oil companies to $4 BILLION per year? Hmmmmmmmm????

    do your homework so silly comments like that don't make you appear so uninformed

    the DOE money was a loan to Tesla that is being paid off ahead of schedule – with interest. No "stealing" involved. Unlike the oil corporations you so seem to be either ok with or uninformed about.

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