2013 Nissan Leaf electric car review – AutoBuzz.my

GC Mah takes the world’s first mass produced electric car for a full review, the 2013 Nissan Leaf. He is as curious as you are on how it drives, how it charges, and most importantly, how weird is it without an engine.

Read full review here:

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30 Replies to “2013 Nissan Leaf electric car review – AutoBuzz.my”

  1. ReerBaadia

    How come 80kwh battery give out less than 100 miles while an 85kwh drives for more than 250miles on a heavier vehicle (tesla)? is the difference of 5kwh equivalent to over 150miles in distance! ?

  2. ReerBaadia

    people need to stop saying there is no engine. an engine is a machine with moving parts that convert power to motion. electric motor converts electric power to kinetic (motion).
    so there is an engine inside Nissan leaf

  3. azhan mz

    this car was design for 100% city drive just like KL. but then, most of people in KL stay at condo/apartment. so then how they will charge their car??
    definitely this car not for me.

  4. Aero7SVR

    Another great review ! Tan Chong Nissan should CKD the Leaf in Malaysia, they will benefit from the EV and Hybrid tax breaks like the Toyota Camry Hybrid and S-Class Hybrid. Malaysia can become the ASEAN production base for the Leaf, ETCM is one of Global Nissan's most trusted and loyal partners, and the situation in Thailand right now is not very promising with falling sales and political instability. The customers get a cheaper car, ETCM and Global Nissan get more sales and profits, mother nature is 'saved', and BN gets less tax money from the rakyat. Win liao lor ! lol

  5. Armesis P

    Very limited range, very long charging, expensive, and runs on a rubbish battery that will go bad in the future. I couldnt even take this car outstation unless i have a relative there that will let me use his driveway for 14 hours to charge (normal charger). I'd rather buy an suv or a nice hot hatch with the money.

  6. Afro Films

    Hey guys, i love your channel and your videos.. All the reviews are relevant and it is fun to watch.. I was wondering maybe in the future you guys can compare the practicality of owning a hybrid car with the electric car and also the conventional car.. Mybe you guys can also compare the general cost of maintaining these cars.. Some people says that the maintenance for a hybrid car and the electric car would be expensive due to the lithium ion battery.. It would be great if you guys can dive into this topic as i am very interested to know about it.. Anyways, keep up the good work.. 🙂

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