40 Replies to “2013 Chevrolet Volt: Regular Car Reviews”

  1. Stalin

    Excuse me, 91 octane? Who the fuck does gm thin this car is for? I guarantee most volt drivers do not realize they're supposed to use 91 octane and just use 87. That is ridiculous.

  2. InfiniteMushroom

    Shades of Idiocracy where the car can be remotely shut down by TPTB.
    RCR! You are harboring a fugitive by the name of Not Sure!
    Please pull over and wait for the police to incarcerate your passenger!

  3. Jama Thaughn

    Michigan governor said 'hey, lets fix our shitty roads. All we need is .45 cents more per gallon of gas tax and I swear this time we'll spend it on what we say we will". But, but, but GM just killed the made in Detroit Volt – so you roshambo'd us twice in a matter of months. I'm reminded of the great Leo Getz. "Never go to the drive thru – because THEY FUCK YOU in the drive thru!"

  4. bitrexgm

    "My place isn't far, miss, and I think I've got just enough battery range left to get us both there" think outside the box idiots, the 'Vette is way too obvious

  5. faceup5

    So, in other words, it's the perfect electric car. Except you still have to fill it with gas, get the oil changed, change spark plugs, etc. And it has a exhaust tail pipe which it tries to hide in shame, you know, because it's an … electric… car.

  6. Chris Sullivan

    i know i'm late to the party..but i've had one for 2 yrs and the regular 12v battery wears down adn causes 'weird' electronic issues like what stalled you in the beginning. It's infuriating but it will tell you when the battery is dying.

  7. Christopher Lyas

    I can tell you first-hand what it is and is the problem with some GM vehicles is a power management issue if the battery goes too low for any given reason before anything takes all the cakes over to protect the battery from gone too low it will all start malfunctioning because there's not enough voltage to properly run out of Management Systems this happened in my 2011 Chevy Malibu yes is a regular gasoline car but traction control turn off easy S turn off service Stabilitrak and quite a few other things that are popping up

  8. Petra Jonte

    having taken a break form RCR to then come back and re-watch the EV/hybrid reviews-

    RCR has been… uncharitable… like to a nearly dishonest degree, in the way one would be if you were to compare luxury cars to commuter vehicles. Sure there'll be parellels that could serve as comparisons but the entire intention of the design is so radically different that it's not really a fair comparison, even if you were putting a EV ford focus up against a normal focus.

    Like the bolt doesn't need good seats, to the contrary it needs lightweight stripped down ones to better suit its intended design, because the bolt isn't intended to serve as a roadtrip vehicle but a point a to b daily commuter. like the cobalt? then you should like the bolt. the price point comes down radically over the course of the vehicles life.

    The prius was never really intended to be a robust all round sedan, but functioned extremely well as a product directed at normalizing hybrid electric engines, hardly anything else about those early models is relevant, unless you think Jeremy Clarkson is relevant.

    And here, the volt is clearly intended to serve as an entry point both for GM toying with EVs but also for end users who may still be hesitant and demand the all round sedan performance. Like even mentioning a tesla at all is just… irrelevant, completely and totally irrelevant. and RaIsEd BrAiL tYpE bUtToNs R dUmB- as if I wouldn't want a tactile way of using the dash without needing to look directly at it anytime I wanted to adjust the AC.

    It's all pretty revealing of a subtle but systemic bias against anything that doesn't produce over 200hp, and it's really frustrating to see now that we're entering an age on online discussion where Prauger U is producing videos on how EV's are worse for the environment, will kill a thousand more people every year from pollution than petrol, and other broad and overtly false claims.

    IDK RCR, either grow up and realize that the future of vehicles requires some sacrifices just to get american cars up to the current standards of the rest of the world, or… fuck… embrace the dark side that is climate denial and keep pretending to be the automotive world's equivalent of a centrist.

  9. michael kotlowski

    we have the same steering wheel in our 2014 cruiz and it's a great car but that big damn plastic piece on the bottom of the wheel I have no comfortable place for my hands now!!!! hahaha minor issue but I still love it

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