2012 Tesla Model S | First Drive | Edmunds.com

Join Alistair Weaver from the Tesla Motors factory floor in Silicon Valley on the historic day when the initial ten 2012 Tesla Model S – Elon Musk’s first stab at an electric sedan – cars are delivered to paying customers.

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22 Replies to “2012 Tesla Model S | First Drive | Edmunds.com”

  1. tmat04

    I think it is in fact the BEST car in the world, Alister! And why do you consider it "disappointing" that some of the interior bits and pieces are from Mercedes Benz?

  2. ChermBo

    Maybe the dumbest review of any car, ever.  Sits in the interior, with the HUGE flatscreen and nearly zero switches…calls it an Android device… then states that the interior is "ordinary".  no mention of storage space, 7 passengers, free charging…. just an ordinary looking new car that resembles european brands and "borrows" the critical pieces…. indicator stalk…. from Benz.  Funny how almost all the euro-trash reviewers were down on this car when it came out.  How do things look from so far behind????

  3. Adam Williams

    Given that a **huge** feature of this car is **how quiet it is**, it's too bad the makers of this video had to put shi**y rock music over the driving portion, isn't it?  Not thinking very clearly, were we?  I would've loved seeing the thing go from zero to 100 as fast as it could and just heard what it sounded like – and I'll bet that everyone else who is curious about these super-cool cars feels the same way.  Try to think a bit next time you blokes make a video, ok?

  4. Carlos Malave

    A car that uses no fuel, makes no tailpipe emissions and that a tesla owner could charge for free for life at a supercharger station; is a testament that other automakers wish to do. So, not the best car in the world?

  5. Van S.

    The guy says that the Tesla looks ordinary… In who's eyes???? The Tesla stands out on the road like other high end cars do. I think he wants it to looks like a Prius and that's why he said it looks ordinary. Lol.

  6. CuriousGeorge62

    So where's the full test??? This review is a short test drive, and is 1 year old. Why hasn't Tesla allowed anyone to conduct a full and independent test of their cars. Just makes me suspicious that they are hiding serious safety problems with maneuverability and range.

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