2011 Nissan Leaf – 7 year review

Time flies when you’re having fun. Our Nissan Leaf has been a great ride so far, 7 years in and only one battery bar gone, with just over 86000KMs, this car just keeps going and going. And it’s coping with our winters nicely as well!!

Itro – Panda

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22 Replies to “2011 Nissan Leaf – 7 year review”

  1. Will Janzen

    Would you be willing to release your spreadsheet information to everyone? (Is it MS Excel?). I just bought a 2019 Leaf on Jan 20 and it’s amazing. I would love to track all the numbers like you do.

  2. Jean-Pierre White

    LEAFSpy is great for predicting remaining range very accurately. Ethan may want to have a cheap Android phone in the car all the time so it can display the remaining range. Combined with Waze which shows remaining distance to your destination you can go further with less anxiety.

    You also get to display the tire pressure for all four tires, like a Tesla!! Helps catch slow punctures early.

    I used to have an old android phone rigged in the cupholder. Worked like a charm

  3. R A

    After owning a 2012 (116 000km) Leaf for 6months i can say they are pretty much free to own and run.
    Had to replace two wintertires. (Bought the car in july) and that’s pretty much it after driving 20 000km.
    And saved 25 000NOK in the same period. Imagine being an student living by your own and saving 100usd pr WEEK! That’s what I’m doing with my Leaf ???
    One bar lost, i do use the QC alot. And driving an EV in cold weather are much better than an diesel car. Still haven’t had an issue with Leif. ?

  4. holidaymail

    If you’d like to trade some weather Miker I’d be up for it hehe ?. So far this January we’ve had 18 days over 35 degrees (of which 9 of those hit 40+) – and 46 tomorrow! I’m glad to see that the Leaf is still ticking along – gives us hope that electric cars can be long-term prospects.

  5. Brian Joslyn

    The location of places to charge is of major importance and is another reason I refuse to buy any all electric vehicle, at least as of now, other than a Tesla. Range is also very important. Elon Musk's supercharger network was, and is, extremely smart. I'm waiting to see what happens to gas stations over time. It's estimated that by 2030 all new vehicles sold will be all electric and by 2050 it will be illegal (at least in US(?)) to drive ICE vehicles (which would likely also include hybrids).

    A more personal preference is what a vehicle looks like. I've never liked the Leaf.

  6. Jackson Bangs

    I currently drive a used 2015 Nissan Leaf that I baught for abot $7,000. So far I have only replaced the rear tires. I only have to charge it once every 4 days during the work week. 99% of the time it gets charged from a 110 volt outlet in a carport. Here In southern Oregon the climate is moderate, which means it doesn't get extremely hot or cold for long periods. I Iike the car and plan on driving it for a long time. Only lost one bar of battery capacity. Great vodeo!

  7. John vanDieken

    Hi Miker, I’ve heard from well versed friends that a good CHAdeMO charge may restore one of the health bars, it resets the BMS and balances everything as best it can, might be worth a try? Love to family

  8. miles j

    That is amazing performance by the little leaf, I am impressed the body doesn't show any rust after that time either. I hope it will keep going and Ethan and the girls will get it up to 100,000 kms

  9. Mark Fitzpatrick

    My 2012 has 9 capacity bars. We are lucky to have lots of level 2 and 3 in central Ohio Columbus . We didn’t have a lot 4 years ago. I charge at home when weather is good since i don’t have a garage and condo assn won’t let me install a charger outside . I haven’t done any thing but 12 volt battery and 1 tire. Can’t afford 800 for tires . I Baught. 4 new for my Prius for 400 once I pay that off I will get more for the leaf.

  10. Cynric Ye

    I’m not sure if you noticed, but the intro says “2001 Nissan Leaf,” which I think you meant 2011? Sorry, I had to point it out. It really bugged me for some reason. Overall though, enjoyed the update video!

  11. Jim Thompson

    I've commented on this before but I own a 2015 Leaf SV and our temps in Northern Illinois run from -29C to +41C at the extremes. We will be -23C here tomorrow night. This is my Leaf's 4th winter and while it isn't happy about it, it keeps trundling on. We had 6" (15cm) of snow over the weekend and another 5" (13cm) last night. I was out in the Leaf all afternoon. The car is really amazing if you use it as designed. Maintenance and fuel costs are so far below what I used to have to budget for that I have been able to put a lot more into savings and buy a few new toys. Like you I will probably run it into the ground. I should live so long! ?

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