2,000+ Mile Chevy Bolt EV Road Trip: Pt. 1 – Boston, MA to Vermont's Green Mountains

Our ambitious 2,000+ mile Bolt EV road trip, from home in Boston to Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, and back again, is underway! It starts here, with this leisurely late afternoon jaunt out of everyday Boston traffic, onto the scenic highways of Western Massachusetts and up into Vermont’s Green Mountains. An elongated option but also the most fun route (in my opinion!)

On our way we encountered unneeded charge stations, desperately needed bio breaks (takeaway: humans often need to discharge before EVs need to recharge), and a lot of sumptuous scenery.

A great start to our #EVroadtrip and there’s much more to come on our adventures across Eastern Canada, so be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell now that the videos are rolling out.

As always, thanks for watching and please let me know what you want to see in the comments (or via email to plugandplayEV@gmail.com)

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10 Replies to “2,000+ Mile Chevy Bolt EV Road Trip: Pt. 1 – Boston, MA to Vermont's Green Mountains”

  1. Bradford Needham

    I liked seeing a little bit of charging from a friend/family house. Did you turn on the Adapter Theft Alarm? I'm still wondering when to use and not to use that feature. (I'm shopping for a Bolt). Thanks for the video!

  2. MrElderon

    Thanks for posting these long distance travel vids. I’m a central Pa resident and 1 year bolt owner (25K miles) but no dc fast charges yet. Appreciate your bolting across PA vid also. Really demonstrates the capabilities and challenges of traveling in PA and the northeast in general. Subscribed! Keep the vids coming 👍

  3. R

    I dont know if you already know,but there's also apps that turn on the charging stations,Electrify America,Evgo,ChargePoint The Only Downside is if you dont have cell Reception in the area you might no be able to turn it On,that's when RFID Card Comes in Handy

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