$20 Strip Light vs $200 Strip Light – Philips Hue

This video will compare $20 Strip Light vs $200 Strip Light.
The two Strip Lights I am going to compare today are the Philips Hue, which needs a network bridge and a generic $20 Strip Light.
Starting price for the generic strip lighting is $20s and the Philips Hue range will be around $200.
If we take a look at the $20 strip light first. The box contains the RGB Control Box. This control box allows us to power the strip lighting and it also allows us to use the infrared remote control to change the color of the LED strip.
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39 Replies to “$20 Strip Light vs $200 Strip Light – Philips Hue”

  1. SapiaNt0mata

    you can get a bluetooth adaptor for $3 and replace the adaptor with the remote on the cheap strip and make any strip usable with your phone, have 16 million colors, etc, and as a bonus you get music sync. so, for a slight increase in brightness, the Philips hue is not worth the price.

  2. CapsuleGraph

    I can turn off and on all lights in my room wherever I am in the world. They are much more reliable. I have them to turn on at 5:30 gradually every morning as a natural alarm. I have them synced up through Razer Synapse so when I play games my entire room becomes immersed. If utilized correctly, Philips Hue is MUCH better.

  3. Faride Ladak

    Hi there, I wonder if you could provide a one year later perspective. The first being the brightness and life of each strip now, as well as practicality of using more than one around the house. The other is whether the Hue has been replaced with an updated version and same with the less expensive version. I ask because I have bought inexpensive led bulbs (60) for various applications, however the leds’ themselves started burning out in less than six months, flickering, etc…, essentially defeating the advantages of purchasing led bulbs. Are they not supposed to last long, like 15,000 to 30,000 hours?
    Thank you

  4. Jelle W

    the advantage of hue is that you can have your whole living room under entertainment. Meaning what happens on the tv it reflects on the lights. also Hue is just one app and you can control all your lights at once instead of many lights on different way´s. I even added my ikea lights in the hue system. hue is much more versatile then 10 remotes or 4 differents apps to control your lights.it is worth the money . Soon i will make a video with philips hue connected to my nvidia shield showing the lights in action.

  5. Nahirs

    I got a Black Friday deal which was only 20 dollars for 32.8 ft!! (Around 11m) and they work great I don’t have to get up to turn off my lights in the night too


    If you know a bit in electronis you can do so much with the cheap strips and if it breaks, just buy a new one..
    And for 10times the price, the bit better looking colors of the Phillips isn't really worth it in my opinion..

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