$20 Playstation Hack Stick

Does this stick from 8Bitdo fix all the problems with the PS Classic? It definitely improves it!
Try it for yourself:

Game Capture:

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45 Replies to “$20 Playstation Hack Stick”

  1. Jugga Lotus

    That thing looks interesting too bad I couldn't get through the whole video to see what all it does. He talks way too fast and his voice is annoying at so I had to change the video about 45 seconds in

  2. Mark Jamson

    I would recommend you just contact @experthackpro on Instagram. he is an expert on accounts and Website Hack, he helped me hack into my cheating partner's device,It seemed as though my life was spinning out of control getting to find out my partner has someone else. and I was able to read all the text. you can also message him on WhatsApp +1(937)815-1491

  3. KarpowSCX

    Out of the box, PS Classic is pretty much trash. Mod it with AutoBleem for eg. and it becomes absolutely a BEAST of mini consoles! I did and I absolutely love my PS Classic now. ?

  4. Dog Rox

    Man I couldn't watch this whole video. His damn rambling really is annoying. Doesn't even take a breath, I wonder how he even breathes? He needs to lay off the freaking coffee!

  5. Firerod SY11

    Note 1:You Don't need this adapter unless if you want bluetooth to access the menu.If you have a modded PlayStation classic,you can simply press select + triangle
    Note 2:you CAN save menu configs. You just need to go to save global config.

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