20 Google Assistant Apps You Did Not Know About!

In an earlier video, I showed you several tricks and commands that you can use with Google Assistant. Many are not aware that Google Assistant also has 3rd party created apps, which they used to call services. While many of them are useful, some were created just for fun. Most of these apps will work on almost any device where you have Google Assistant installed including an Android or iOS phone, Android TV, Google Home and Chromebook. In this video, I will show you 20 apps that you can use with Google Assistant.

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Google Assistant Tricks Every User Needs to Know!

1:11 Motivational quotes and music.
1:44 Find out what is new on Netflix.
2:15 Teaches proper English grammar.
3:12 Find out the prices for cryptocurrencies.
3:58 Plays sounds to help you relax.
4:18 Get random numbers.
4:48 Wine pairing recommendations.
5:48 Health information.
6:47 Find out what is safe for your dog to eat.
7:38 Personality quiz for Harry Potter fans.
9:26 Get news headlines from the past.
10:02 Insults you or your friends.
10:45 Cocktail recommendation service.
11:35 Listens to your complaints.
12:16 Reads your fortune.
12:53 Get answers to your questions.
13:42 Popular word game.
14:57 Trivia game with weird random facts.
16:19 The sounds of flatulence.
16:38 Get an inspirational quote or short story.

Google Assistant Apps

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31 Replies to “20 Google Assistant Apps You Did Not Know About!”

  1. TechGumbo

    *Time Stamps are included in the description* After experimenting with many of the 3rd party apps created for Google Assistant, I learned that most of them are NOT very good including some that were mentioned in this video. Hopefully they get better over time. Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Rick Bossen

    When casting YouTube TV do I need Assistant, Google App, Google Home, it all three. Why don't they self set when a Google Mini is added in. Voice commands don't even run tv/movies on YouTube tv. My Z2 Force drops calls at 15 mins. The mobile no longer shows a toggle to answer/decline an incoming call. Your apps/network is very fucked up. While Google CEO knocks down $250M/yr, he tells Congress all is well. Not by a long shot. I'll be letting them know how you push updates that change Third Party App functions.

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