11 Replies to “1966 vw bus nissan leaf engine swap and safari windows”

  1. Craig Monteforte

    I agree with your frustrations on the kit problems Looking at. The parts you did modify Although they lacked. In design they did appear to be a semi decent quality ? Overall You are putting together a nice bus I'm looking foward to seeing more progress

  2. D Hollinquest

    Love your creative mind, Can we collaborate. Im building VW buses for small business start up (Manhatttan Beach, Ca). Reach me Darrell (DHQprivate@gmail.com)  Entrepreneurs, and Fabricators RULE

  3. Miranda Donovan

    This is so amazing! I have a leaf, and I just bought a '74 Westfalia to build an electric camper. I plan on getting a junked leaf and doing exactly what you're doing. I'd love to pick your brain some time.

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