15 Most Expensive Video Game Consoles of All Time

Video game consoles are incredibly to the games industry, as you might imagine. They’ve varied in cost over the years, but these fancy machines do not come cheap. You’ll usually drop at least $200 on a new console, and as the tech improves, the price climbs with it. Here are the 15 most expensive game consoles of all times. It’s important to note that these prices are not adjusted for inflation, so we rank the console’s prices as they were at launch.




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  1. Gonçalo de Almeida

    I bought all 4 PlayStations and the Ps3 two times, day one and later the slim model…
    But one thing wasn't mentioned, the Ps3 was harder to develop for, but it had more power under the hood compared to the 360 and I can give you an example "The Last Of Us" showcases it in perfection

  2. Thomas

    Uh, Panasonic did not create the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, The 3DO Company created the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. Panasonic was just one of several companies that had the license to produce 3DO Interactive Multiplayers, as The 3DO Company did not produce their own consoles. Sanyo and GoldStar (now known as LG Electronics) also had licenses to produce 3DO Interactive Multiplayers as well.

  3. The Artificial Apologist

    Video's about most expensive video game consoles and yet you specifically point out consoles that were less expensive than they normally should have been and got information wrong (Wii U did not launch at $300 nor did it consistently drop in price), and essentially ended up just listing every game console anyway. When you put the PS4 on this list, that didn't make any sense. Normally I like your videos but this one seemed pointless.

  4. Skul

    I don't know what you're talking about. The Wii U NEVER dropped in price. Not once. If you can still find one in a Walmart somewhere, guess how much you'll have to pay? $299.

  5. modembuddy

    Adjusting for inflation would have help understand just how expensive these consoles were compared to what else was available at the time. I remember the Neo Geo seeming impossible to consider vs. the price of a SNES or Genesis at the time.

  6. Desel

    15 Jaguar – 420$
    14 xbox – 420$
    13 intellivision – 1.090$
    12 Play Station – 490$
    11 wiiu – 330$
    10 Play Station 4 pro – 400$
    9  Play Station 4 – 420$
    8 sega Saturn – 660$
    7 xbox 360 – 500$
    6 xbox one x – 500$
    5 xbox one – 530$
    4 Play Station 3 – 730$
    3 neo geo – 1.280$ (and the games……500$ for a f*** arcade game….)
    2 3do 1.220$
    1 cdi – 1.260$

  7. Get Lost Games

    If Atari didnt shoot themselves in the foot with Jaguar then they shot themselves in the head with the jaguar cd. If you were around at the time, you waited to see where the jaguar was going. In no time they already had a cd add on. We didnt even get good games on cartrige but they went ahead with the cd add on anyways. I never saw one good game come out of jag and myself and the rest of the world watched as their world crumbled. One of the worst controller designs ever. Atari was always years behind their competition and thats why they went down the shitter. Good riddens and as for what i have seen from the android atari soon to be released, you obviously do not understand what the gaming world is looking for. Create excellent first party videogames Thats how nintendo succeeded.


    Breaking News
    EA are making a console. It’s $599 and every time you turn it on you have to give it $4. Then for only an extra £2.99 you’ll receive a loot box which contains random loot, one of the drops includes the ability to unlock your games that you already bought.

  9. gamemaster14neo

    CDi was not released with the intention of it being a dedicated games console. It was first and foremost a multimedia system. That would be like calling the Nuon DVD Player a game consoles, since games arent its primary function.

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