15 Creative SmartThings Ideas for Automating Your Home

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There are countless Samsung SmartThings ideas for automating your smart home. Take a look at our favorite creative ideas for making your life easier with SmartThings multipurpose, motion, and arrival sensor.

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29 Replies to “15 Creative SmartThings Ideas for Automating Your Home”

  1. Jerry McAfee

    Great video! Using the SmartThings door sensor to notify mail delivery is really cool!. Does this mean the SmartTings sensor is water proof? How fast does this use drain the battery?

  2. catman88

    My multipurpose sensor only has "vibration detection" not a gyroscope… no clue what version this guy has. If I did this on my garage door, the alert would go off any time there is wind and it sensed vibration.

  3. Karl Laun

    I used a multi purpose sensor to alert me when a mouse trap set in an inaccessible location was tripped. I had no luck putting a sensor inside my metal mailbox. Used a tilt switch in a small external enclosure instead.

  4. Aardvark Mindshank

    Avoid t he SmartThings Multisensor. It's totally fragile. I have 4 and they are continually going offline. Battery seating design is truly pathetic and there is clearly an issue with this device as reported by many many people on the forums. It's unacceptable that Samsung do nothing about it and continues to sell this shit.

  5. Jay Bollocky

    What is disturbing about the notion of tracking and imprisoning your own family with an array of sensors, detectors, monitors, cameras….(did I leave anything out?) is that you don’t see the dangers of doing this and that it normalises it in the same way as using mobile phone monitoring to track people. You might as well gps tag your family with subcutaneous chips and be done with it.

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