15 Best Games To Show The Power Of Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is finally here, with loads of Xbox One X Enhanced games to show off its 4K power. We’ve played every 4K game going to pick out 15 games that show off of the power of your Xbox One X – and give you a chance to win a bundle of 15 games to test out your new console. To enter the competition, just follow the instructions through this link:
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29 Replies to “15 Best Games To Show The Power Of Xbox One X”

  1. Xbox On

    Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. It is now closed and we can reveal our winner is Ben Francis.

    Don't worry if you didn't win this time – plenty more competitions to come!

  2. Ange Alexiel

    danger zone ?? really ?? this game is a really $h..t , even burnout crash were then times better… can't believe who put this thing into the top 15 .. they are other games like forza horizon 3, 4 since … and so much more that should be here…

  3. Karazu X

    Honestly I find the TV plays more important role on how the game looks. I tried Xbox One connected to our 65 inch OLED 4K tv and compare it to the X connected to a entry level 4KHDR Sony Bravia. The standard XB 1on OLED looks better though then I tried the X to the OLED tv and I don't see any difference.

  4. Johnny Q

    I really enjoyed this video. I was searching for RDR Enhancement. I bought it due to the 4K published. It turns out I cannot get 4K with it. I have my XBOX set to 1080 and allow 4K apps and Games (this way I can tell which games are real 4K and which ones are just upscaled due to general X desktop. RDR does not turn into 4K (Forza does for example). Can you clarify on this issue?

  5. AFCA020

    XBOX ONE X Natieve 4K gaming 😀 bought it for 400 euros. play natieve 4k on pc spend 2k atleast ! ps4 pro ? whats that 4k no wait il just stop about the ps it sucks i owned the ps and its not wurth event 100 euros.

  6. Abhinay Malasi

    as much as I wanted to buy this piece of insane machinery and even though I was surprisingly able to afford something like this , Microsoft really didn't give me any option but to go for ps4 pro.
    I really wanted to buy the one x but does Microsoft really expect me to play Cup head instead of Spiderman,death stranding,god of war ?

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