#140 IKEA Tradfri IOT Smart Lighting System Hack

In this video, I will hack the Tradfri remote control and enable it to be used with MQTT

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38 Replies to “#140 IKEA Tradfri IOT Smart Lighting System Hack”

  1. Jörgen Rambris

    Tråd=thread or another word for cord (kabel, sladd in swedish). Fri is free or less . Trådfri is ikea-swenglish for cordless.
    You can translate from swedish to english in two words. tråd fri = thread free.
    Thanks Andreas for all your good work.
    And btw. To be a little bit swedish you have to pronounce IKEA in swedish. [ee-kay-ya as one word eekaya]

  2. C T

    I am still baffled that there is no wall mounted lightswitch-replacement for these smart bulbs. How are you expected to use the system? Tape over the old on/off powerswitch on the wall and stick the ikea remote to the wall? That can't be a solution.

    So I plan to open up the ikea remote and hook it up to a Feller light switch (which is disconnected from the mains power), so when I press the regular light switch it closes the circuit of the ikea remote and switches the lights. The ikea remote can then be mounted inside the wall, behind the old switch. A 230v-to-3V step down regulator should replace the coin cell battery of the remove, making this system maintenance free.

  3. Stephen M

    The manual is mostly pictures so they don't have to print one for every country/language, not for people who can't read (like 45). I love your videos.

    Is there anyway to link the lights to a hub (I have a wink hub, but IKEA's hub would be fine) without buying a remote just for pairing?

  4. Ann Elisabeth

    Ikea always uses Swedish words, with a few exceptions (mostly Norwegian place names). I don't think trådfri is a word in common usage in Swedish, but both words of the compounded word are Swedish. Both tråd and fri.

  5. Kirill Kolyshkin

    Minor error in line starting with `snprintf(msg, 75, ` — as the msg is 50 characters long, this could theoretically lead to overwrite. It's better to write it as `snprintf(msg, sizeof(msg), ` as in this case you don't have to remember the size of your array.

  6. Kirill Kolyshkin

    E27 is not "European", in it E stands for Edison, and 27 is a diameter in mm. There were many lamps and inventors at that time (circa 1900), but Edison was one of the first who had commercial success, and so the base and the socket used eventually became a standard. It appeared in U.S.A. first, with E26 being most used, although it's in fact 1 inch, which is very close to 26 mm. It and sprawled to Europe, where E27 is used to distinguish from USA's E26 (and different voltage of course), but they are so similar as the difference in diameter is only 1 mm.

  7. Oscar Eriksson

    Im trying to do a own lamp with the IKEA chip, i have tried to read the signal from the chip inside the lamp, its the same as the controller in your video and i used the pinout from the german Make site..

    Do you think its possible to make such a projekt?

  8. MoVo1999

    I really hope IKEA will bring some competition into this market. Currently you simply can't get around Phillips Hue since they already have a really good ecosystem. Since IKEA is known for a pretty good quality at a really attractive pricing I hope they'll continue to develop their Smart lighting line. If they continue to add products to their IoT portfolio like RGB bulps, mountable switches and dimmers they'll grow to a serious competitor. If they don't, maybe at least the pricing of Hue bulps will drop 🙂

  9. douro20

    The idea for a relatively word-free manual came from Ingvar himself who was born dyslexic. His dyslexia is also the reason why each product is given a unique name.

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