12 Reasons to Buy the LG Stylo 4

12 Reasons to Buy the LG Stylo 4

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21 Replies to “12 Reasons to Buy the LG Stylo 4”

  1. kelem Dz

    No manual network searching options. No cast mirror option integrated. For me those two features killed the stylo 4. Again just for my use. I regret this phone so bad

  2. PlusSize Boo

    I decided to downgrade certain areas of my life so i could live more comfortably. I was paying $178+ a month for my note 8 at tmobile. I went into cricket yesterday and opted for the phone in this video. When all is said my bill will only be $32ish. I'm saving over $140 a month. SWEET!!!! this is a really decent phone for the price and doesn't look cheap at all. If you're thinking about buying this phone, DO IT! Amazon usually has decent accessories too, not a huge selection but still a decent one. Amazon has this phone for pretty decent too https://amzn.to/2XiCKUg

  3. matt karl

    I got mine a few days ago when i finally broke the screen on my k20. paid $49 for it at metro pcs with a new line. I always wait till a phone is about free before I upgrade but I have had my eye on the stylo 4 since it was released. coming from the k20 it is a space ship. the screen is much brighter and by comparison it looks HDR. colors are much more accurate, the resolution is stupid amazing – higher than an iphone X… my wife has the iphone XR and albeit – her iphone is technically 10 times more powerful than my stylo 4. Does that mean much to me? absolutely not… side by side i can tell the color accuracy of the iphone is better – is it $950 better? I don't think so.. very happy with my almost free stylo 4.

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