$101 Fake Samsung Galaxy S10+ – How Bad Is It?

I got a fake $101 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (S10+) on DHGate or AliExpress, how bad is it in comparison, unboxing and review with a real S10+?

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$101 Fake:

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comment fake n bake if u see this 🙂

39 Replies to “$101 Fake Samsung Galaxy S10+ – How Bad Is It?”

  1. julie thornborough

    ?*00212.645.75.23.01* *Whatapps*?
    شــبــاب?‍♂️ صــار لــي بــشــوف كــثــيــر مــن الــكــومــنــتــات عـن صـغـر الــقــضــيــب وســرعــة الـقـذف
    وأحـب أقــولــكــم بــمــعــلــومــة مـفـيـدة? أنــي حــصــلــت عــلــى وصـفـة رهــيــبــة مــن الـدكـتـور?‍⚕️ الـلـي بـيـيـتـواصـلـو مـعـاه كــثــيــر مـن الـنـاس
    وبـصـدق اسـتـعـمـلـتـو كــم أســبــوع وصـار لــي قـضـيـب رهــيــب تـتـمـنـاه أي زوجـة?
    هـذا رقـم الـدكـتـور عــلــى الـواتـس *00212645752301*?

  2. david makinson

    we all know that the fake is not very good, im sure you where trying to break it.obviously your biased. benchmark them, truly. if its only running at 10 percent of the genuine one then its value for money. you keep slamming it down trying to break it. you dont do that with the samsung.

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