10 WORST Xbox One Games of All Time

We try to look on the brightside, but sometimes a bad game is a bad game. These are our least favorite games to play on Xbox One.
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28 Replies to “10 WORST Xbox One Games of All Time”

  1. Nick C

    The fact that Skate 3 still holds up and is still a game worth playing in 2020 (and honestly so are Skate 1 & 2,) and the fact that Skate 4 was just announced recently, makes the awful, terrible physics of THPS games, ALL THPS games, pretty unacceptable. THPS games are just bad games. They were a lot of fun when I was like 13, and they'll always hold a lot of nostalgia for me, but that doesn't make them good games. They're bad, lazily produced cashgrab games.

  2. Deus Vlad

    That's because these games are made by shitty companies, I always buy games from the good companies only, or at least the next ones in line and the only way is to check what the game has, check the reviews and then go with what you think is good. Problem is some companies lose people in their game development people that make a huge difference in games like the last of us 2 was shit compared to 1 but its still made by naughty dog, its because some guy left the company so the sequel just became really crap that you never want to replay the game ever again.

    The original the last of us 1 people replayed it, you just can't replay 2 unless your a fan of torture and scenario switching and a lot of boring space in the game that you do nothing.

  3. Lew H

    Need for speed rivals because on ps4 it crashes and doesn't load in the textures after less than a couple mins of gameplay and on Xbox one I have to go into offline mode just to start playing the game. the cars really aren't durable anyways, I've broken a few controllers over this game before. One of them was a present so I felt super bummed out about it.

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