10 Used Electric Cars Offered at Bargain Prices We Can Finally Afford

Every time we feature a video about the cheapest electric cars in the world, people still complain that the prices are too high. Well, what about used EVs then? Unlike the common misconception leads us to believe, many of them are sold on the aftermarket with low mileage and consequently intact batteries, which are at times still covered by manufacturer warranties.

Let’s explore the most affordable options currently available on the market, and I bet that this time, you won’t be able to say that paying $5,000 for an EV is way too much.

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Nissan Leaf: global.nissannews.com/ja-JP/channels/channel-NNG1441

On the market since the 2011 model year, the 1st generation Nissan Leaf can be considered the best-selling electric vehicle at the time, so you will have no trouble finding both CPO and non-CPO models on the market.

BMW i3: www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0143924EN/the-bmw-i3

BMW i3 is the first mass-production BEV from BMW, that rides on the company-built monocoque chassis with Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Plastic bodywork and clamshell doors. We recommend you look into 2014-2016 models that sport a 170-hp electric motor, RWD, a 22kWh battery, and a standard 7.4kW on-board charger, and start from $13,000.

Renault Zoe: media.group.renault.com/global/en-gb/renault/media/presspacks/84846/nouvelle-renault-zoe-rouler-100-electrique-na-jamais-ete-aussi-facile

As in case of the new 50kWh model, you won’t find any of the used Renault Zoes in the US, but those of our viewers who are currently reside in Europe, should definitely consider the first 22kWh generation of the model as their cheap every-day transport.

Chevrolet Bolt EV: media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/vehicles/bolt-ev/2015.html

Chevrolet Bolt EV is one of the most expensive pre-owned EVs in our list, as it was introduced to the market just a few years ago, in 2017, and can cover solid distances on a charge, up to 238 miles.

Kia Soul EV: www.kiamedia.com/us/en/models/soul-ev/2015

Kia Soul EV car first appeared on the United States market at the end of 2014, and unlike other vehicles in its class, it boasted a rather roomy cabin, quality interior materials and a generous cargo space.

VW eGolf: media.vw.com/models/e-golf

Without a doubt an electric version of VW’s best-selling hatchback was a compliance car. Nevertheless, this electric vehicle is one of the most popular models in Europe and in North America with the used options being sold at a third of the initial price.

Chevrolet Spark EV: media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/vehicles/spark-ev/2016.html

Like many of its competitors in the compact electric vehicle segment, the Chevrolet Spark EV was built on the basis of an existing car with a gasoline engine. However, the electric model was much more powerful than its 84-horsepower oil-burning sibling.

Fiat 500e: media.fcanorthamerica.com/newsroom.do?id=246&mid=351

Fiat 500e 3-door hatch was launched in 2013 to follow California regulations for automakers, so Fiat has spent no money on updating it ever since. Still available for purchase or lease only in California and Oregon, the new 500e looks and drives pretty much the same as any of its older sibling, so if you are on the market for a tiny electric 4-seater, one of the 2014 through 2018 cars might be the right choice.

Mitsubishi iMIEV: mitsubishi-motors.com/en/showroom/i-miev

Such models as Mitsubishi iMIEV are often criticized for creating a stigma about electric cars being ugly and having golf cart characteristics, but this Mitsubishi was one of the first genuine attempts to bring to the market an affordable highway-capable electric city commuter.

Tesla Model S: tesla.com/inventory/used/ms

The Model S sedan has been produced since 2012, receiving a facelift in 2016 that removed the black nose cone from the front fascia. Through the years the battery and powertrain configurations of this premium EV have been constantly changing.

Volkswagen e-up!: volkswagen.co.uk/new/e-up

The VW up! Is one of those super compact hatchbacks, that characterize the modern European landscape of city commuters. Its electric version e-up! Was brought to the market in 2013 with the same dimensions as the gasoline counterpart seating 4 people.

31 Replies to “10 Used Electric Cars Offered at Bargain Prices We Can Finally Afford”

  1. John Sun

    The reasons that they want to sell their EV cars were disappointment, so keep that in mine when you thinking about baying one, you don't want to make the same mistake as the previous fools.

  2. Gerald Gowans

    Almost two years ago I bought a 2016 Chevy Spark ev with 31,000 km showing on the odometer and it's a great commuter car, even with the slow charge as I just plug in each night. I got mine with a (purchased) new car warranty as, even though I was the second owner, it had not been registered for more than 24 months. Plus I scrapped an old car for an extra incentive rebate from a government program, so total out of pocket was $15,300CAD (about $11,500USD at the time). Now considering upgrading to a nicer EV and upgrading the garage power station.

  3. Darwin Chaug

    I also made a video on the best USED EV's to buy, IMHO: Fiat 500e, Volt, BMW i3 REX are some of the best bargains out there! I got the video on my channel if anyone is interested.

  4. Jon Smit

    Chevy Bolt is the only serious car among these, in terms of price, driving features, and practicality. All the rest of them are barely anything but a bunch of overpriced good-for-nothing toys. I drive a Bolt and love every bit of it.

  5. Rucas

    cheap? I am anxiously waiting for the chinese brands to come here…..renault K-ZE when are you coming to europe with an expected price of not higher than14.000€ (sold for 8.500€ in china)?
    30.000€ for an EV is a legal robbery, there are no technical arguments arguments that support or justifies this price, unless the fact of manufacturer's huge loss of revenues with the maintenance of EV's ( traditional ICEs have 2.000 spare parts, EVs have 20) and 8 years' warranties….(there is no free lunch, remember? )

  6. Eddie R

    Yes, electric cars are to expensive and if you’re buying use, you are buying someone’s problem. People that trade in their cars, do not take care of them.

  7. Handy Dan

    Well I'm surprised and a little offended that you didn't include the Smart car.
    $30,000 new $6,000 used, 85 mile range great fun city car.
    I tricked mine out for a joke initially but it turns heads daily.

  8. Janirus Paul

    I think before buying a used electric vehicle, you need to know the strength of the battery and how much it will cost replacing it with a new one. Yeah, the used electric cars are affordable.

  9. ST413FISH

    I own the spark EV and it's great and fast. When driving I am highly underestimated and I can easily overtake most people when necessary. No regrets on the buy. 100% Sleeper

  10. Matt Evans

    The Chevy Bolt is what, in Europe, we call a Mini-MPV. They used to be really popular, with a long list of choices. The small crossover has taken over it's role, however, and only a few Mini-MPV models still exist.

  11. Paul

    Good video! I own a phev. Ford C-Max Energi. I paid $8,500 71k miles 2014. I only charge at home. Maybe added $15. per month to my electric bill. I spend about $30. a month in gas. In a year I drove over 13k miles. I have averaged 72 miles per gallon. Only one time it would not start. I had to use a jump to get it going. Then I took it to my normal repair guy. it was a corrosion problem. It cost me $320. to fix. I also have changed the oil once and rotated the tires. It has been a very cheap car to own. It has all the bells and whistles of a new car. It still looks new. My son just wrecked my old car. a Mercury Marquis with 171k mile that I bought new. That got about 15 miles per gallon and was a great car. I think my son should buy a used electric car like in the video. My only complaint is I cannot pull a boat.

  12. Living The Dash

    @Dogs Rule

    I live 55 miles from my local Walmart in time middle of nowhere. I drive a 2010 Prius EV Hybrid. I get 133MPGe. I paid 4K for the car. It had 176K miles. It now has 284K+ miles. Runs like new, no warning lights at all since day one. I get 640+ miles per charge/tank and it costs me $18 to fill per month with gas at $2.55 per gallon.

  13. Siclmn Cyclerider

    We were all hoping that when our batteries deteriorated enough that maybe we could upgrade them and get more range then the under 100 mile range that they came with. But sadly that is not to be. For $7000 I could get another battery for my Nissan Leaf but it would be just like the one that it came with which would get me about 90 miles maybe. I would still get range anxiety like I do now.

  14. Dogs Rule

    Yeah, now you're talking!
    These cars are great for city dwellers. I live in rural America, so I have to wait for cars that offer range of 280 miles & above. It's excruciating but I have no choice but to wait.

  15. Sweden-ZOE Renault

    The Renault ZOE is the best choice of may reasons, it is a small car with low costs/TCO, it has the best AC charging of them all with 22 kW AC, it has one of the best navigationsystems inkl, live traffic, and the price is ok.
    Tesla is crap for big money, total garbage!

  16. Sanjay Singh

    As far as I know that the battery is most precious part of the EVs so its really risky to go for a used one. What if the backup power of cells goes down in any car? At that much cost you will buy 3 new gasoline cars 😂

  17. George Kane

    Any mechanical device, especially cars, will need maintenance/repair. I would like to see some electric car repair/refurbish costs. Please make it realistic: for instance, How much to replace the entire battery pack? Thank you.

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