10 Things You Didn't Know Your Nintendo 3DS Could Do

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The first Nintendo 3DS hit retail shelves in 2011. Since then, gamers across the globe have taken a liking to these handheld systems. The games available for the 3DS are ridiculously fun and the system itself is easy to use for fans of all ages. Since Nintendo, as a company, is wildly popular, it’s no surprise the 3DS was readily received by fans. In fact, it seems as though nearly everyone, from hardcore to casual gamers, has a 3DS.

Most fans of Nintendo are concerned with gameplay and which titles will be available on the system. Notably, players will expect at least one Mario title and one Pokemon title included in the list of games which can be played on the 3DS. That’s understandable, considering the fact those two titles specifically have become synonymous with the Nintendo brand. Players can’t think of one existing without the other and it’s pretty much a given Nintendo will deliver on the Mario and Pokemon front. What if, while being obsessed with new games, 3DS players overlooked some amazing features of the handheld system itself?

There are certain aspects of the Nintendo 3DS some players may not be fully aware of. From hidden games to Pikmin assistants, it’s likely most players may have easily overlooked these functions. Missing these functions may be due to the fact players are often eager to get into their favorite game or they didn’t anticipate Nintendo adding easter eggs and perks to their handheld system. Either way, there are some interesting functions of the Nintendo 3DS available for players.

33 Replies to “10 Things You Didn't Know Your Nintendo 3DS Could Do”

  1. Gacha Music

    I have updated my 3ds like a million times and I never got treated with the treadmill guys.. but they had to take away the Dinosaur Office animation that came with it..

  2. Stargirlvampire

    if you have an american new 3DS and you update the eshop to the new/latest version
    you won't be able to play europian DS games anymore only 3DS titles and europian 3DS games

    not sure if you still can play american DS games

    I had it happen to my new nintendo 3DS XL which is a american one
    I was able to play europian DS cardridges in the past until I updated the eshop to the new/latest version
    and now it only plays europian 3DS cardridges but won't play europian DS cardridges anymore
    not sure if american DS cardridges work I need to test it
    I think europian DS cardridges get region locked on a american new 3DS when you update the eshop
    to the latest version

    I now use it for 3DS games that I don't play very often

    I also own a europian new 3DS and a europian 3DS
    and a original DS

  3. Joshua Haynes

    I remember the days when I spent countless hours making Miis. I've been making miis ever since u was 4 or 5 and now I'm 11. I even went on a webpage and used a lot of paper for Miis. I used so much paper to print miis. I made and deleted countless Miis. You should see how many I have on my Wii U.

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