10 Things You Can do With Your OLD GAMING CONSOLES

Lucky enough to have an old Nintendo, Sony, Atari, etc. console lying around? Here are some good use cases.
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34 Replies to “10 Things You Can do With Your OLD GAMING CONSOLES”

  1. Loganbogan9

    My newest console is my oldest console, it's also my only console, the Xbox 360. I haven't bought any other consoles because I'm a PC gamer and I'm better than all of you.

    Just kidding.

  2. Kenny McCormick

    Oh boy, here we go…

    It's stupid how other people make fun of people that cant afford to get a next gen console. That just means they're making fun of poor people, and theres a chance that the poor dont have a console, or even a house for that matter. Theres people like me that are happy with having their only console be a ps3, so you should have respect.

    Mic drop.

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