10 Retro Gaming Consoles You NEED In Your Collection

MUST HAVE RETRO GAMING CONSOLES. While the gaming consoles we have today are incredible entertainment units, we still love to look back and reminisce about the amazing consoles of the past.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 Retro Gaming Consoles You NEED In Your Collection

What retro gaming console do you need in your collection?
What retro games do you need in your collection?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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Video game consoles have come a long, long way from where they were before. What began as essentially a home arcade has transformed into a full-on entertainment unit. Anything you can think of, you could do on your Xbox One or PS4. Play games in 4K? Check. Watch Netflix? Check. Stream your gaming session on Twitch? Check. The possibilities are endless.

There’s no doubt the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have changed the meaning of what a gaming console can do. But before there were consoles that could stream TV, record gameplay and respond to voice commands, there were machines like the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis that changed the gaming world with their amazing libraries of games. These consoles were the pioneers of the modern gaming consoles you see today.

The thing is, while these consoles are a thing of the past, you could still purchase them and play games on them right now! Sure, it might cost you a pretty penny, but the nostalgia and fun are totally worth it. If you were born after the NES Era, you could buy one today or use an emulator to play the games, but that’s your choice. Either way, you can play any game from any console today if you have the patience, time and money required to do so. Whether you want to relive your favorite games or finally play on that console you always wanted as a kid, here are 10 retro gaming consoles you need in your collection.


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35 Replies to “10 Retro Gaming Consoles You NEED In Your Collection”

  1. EO AtTheInternet

    Problems I have with this video:
    1. Mario bros. 3 was made for the nes (unless you count super mario)
    2. ps1 was 32 bit, not 64 bit.
    3. What kind of person says you should get the GBA and doesn't even mention the GBA sp?

  2. Ryan Jackson

    Once again the Original Xbox the most powerful system in the 6th Generation gets slept on again. This happens when people don't properly do their research. The Xbox had a ton of great games and exclusives on the system. Also any third party games that released on multiple Consoles looked and played better on the Xbox. Example: Burnout:Revenge is one for starters I could go all day. But too each their own.

  3. Nuclear-Skull87

    I have been wanting to get a retrogaming-console for a while myself. I specifically am wanting to get an SNES, a Sega-Genesis and an original PSX. I would also like to get Sega Saturn or Neo-Geo.

    Good-Thing I did not get a Retron-Console, because while it is amazingly-convenient to have three oldschool 90s-consoles in-one I think there's one-too-many fatal-flaws associated with it to make it a worthwhile-purchase.

  4. Matt Grubb

    You included the the game gear but not the PS1. The PS1 should be a staple for any retro game collection. I understand that it's a great portable system, but the amount of great games in the PS1 library is enough I feel for it to be in at least the top 3 game consoles ever. I honestly don't know what you were thinking. SMH

    Warning rant ahead
    Also, where the fek is the NES? It's like the only game console that deserves a guaranteed spot on any retro game console list. FEK YOUR GAME GEAR. FFS face palm Another thing, who gives a fek about an Odyssey 2 on a list where you didn't even include a PS1 or NES? Just stating the obvious.

  5. Retro Collector

    I have the NES SNES the Gameboy the Wii U 2 3ds XLS the Nintendo switch and the Atari 2600. I’m 13 and I’m a really big retro gaming fan I’ve been into it since I was in 4th grade and now I’m going into seventh.

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