10 Rarest PS4 Trophies

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24 Replies to “10 Rarest PS4 Trophies”

  1. Clay Johnson

    I’ve killed 20,000 most monsters. That one is actually easy one you get to Twine Peaks. The real trophy grind is to play 1,000 “Play with Other” mission in the game. I have that trophy. Fortnite (aka Save the World) is so fun!

  2. Chip

    Some games have 2 separate trophies for winning the game and defeating the final boss. What makes them so funny is that the percentage of players who have collected them goes down completing the game. Usually, it's just separated by a cutscene. I don't mean like 100% the game and defeat the boss, I mean to defeat the boss, and watch the credits after defeating that boss.

  3. Steve 71

    Platinum 🏆 in GTA5 not probable. Some of those missions DEAR GOD.. find the letter scraps 🤦🏼‍♂️ find the spaceship parts 🤦🏼‍♂️ join a cult which requires walked hundreds of miles in the desert, keeping distance from anyone/character or it’ll reset the mileage 🤦🏼‍♂️ I mean WTF

  4. yashwin raj

    No one
    Not even a soul
    Me: Injustice:- Metahuman
    Just Dance:- Level Headed
    I am Bread:- Brie-lliant
    Orcs must die unchained:- Kill-Netic
    Quiet Man:- Win at Life
    Fortnite:- Unspeakable Horrors
    Fishing Master:- Hundred
    Warframe:- K driven
    Marvel vs Capcom 3:- High-Score Hero
    Let it die:- Hoarder's Curse

  5. dspl1991

    Lol almost every trophy on Cave Digger has a 0.0% completion rate, ranked Ultra Rare.
    Then again. The game is broken, and I've done most of said trophy requirements and the trophies don't trigger

  6. DeadlyKitten9000

    The fishing one reminded me of Rayman Legends…I forget the specifics of it exactly but you basically had to play multiple online challenges every day/week to grow your rank and even if you're doing it every day and 100%'ed the rest of the game it'll still take a few months.

  7. Justin

    I would imagine that Monster Hunter World: Iceborn’s hunter log trophies are at 0.01% or the picture requests.

    Warriors Orochi always has some total BS achievements too. Ones that take 200+ hours to get.

  8. Michael Rowlands

    @ 3:03, Kirsten says "Hilariously" but it got cut off by and ad and sounded like she was saying "Hello" to someone". Then the ad started at the first thing said was "Hello". I thought she had planned an awesome cut away to that ad lol

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