10 Nintendo Wii U Games Worth Buying!

10 Best Games For Wii U Worth Buying? Is the Wii U STILL Worth Buying or Picking up to play these games? Are there any GOOD Nintendo Wii U Games left to talk about? Are these Wii U games worth the price? Here is 10 Games for the Wii U worth playing! Here is Gameplay and Review of 10 Wii U Games!
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48 Replies to “10 Nintendo Wii U Games Worth Buying!”

  1. Warren

    Fatal Frame did in fact get a physical release in the west. Only in "Australia" & "Europe", not only did we get a physical release, we also got a collectors edition in both AUS & EUR which did not get a release in Japan! It gets confusing because we call it "Project Zero" over here. I highly recommend everyone play this game. It's my favorite game of all time!

  2. Reavent

    At Around 7:20 it shows the button layout where A is on the bottom and X is on the left, like the Xbox for example. I've never played Zombi U on the Wii U, is it always like that?

  3. Unknown Unknown

    Hey Guy's,

    I am not a gamer but I have just recently bought a Wii U for my 7 year old (if he gets his gold good behaviour stars). He has 13 stars to go and I've realised I've only bought him one game. (splatoons)

    So my question is, could any of you good people help and advise me on a few good games for him to play? He is very good at playing games (as most modern children are) we have a old Wii and he has a DS, plays games like Mario and Lego batman/Indiana Jones which he loves.

    Oh also will I have to buy an extra console pad to play with him? I've read you can either buy the pads with the screen and/or just a controller?
    I really want to be apart of his gaming world. I used to love playing Age of Empires and Medal of Honour on a PC!l many years ago!
    If you have any advice I would really appreciate your help and wisdom.

    Charlotte 🙂

    Edit: a game for me would be good once he is in bed haha 😉

  4. Sunbreaker7

    "Fatal frame 5, barely any loading screens" Did you actually play the game? It had good amount of loading screens. Nevertheless it was amazing game and a must have for any WII U owner who likes horror games even slightly.

  5. accquizzer

    My Top 10 Wii U Games-

    1) Mario Kart 8
    2) Super Smash Bros Wii U
    3) Mario Party 10
    4) New Super Mario Bros U / New Super Luigi U
    5) Nintendoland
    6) Zombi U
    7) Splatoon
    8) Wii Party U
    9) Super Mario Maker
    10) Fatal Frame

  6. Miss Mystery

    I LOVE Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. My friends tried so hard to talk me out of it, saying they heard bad things about it, but I got it anyways and am glad I did. It's fun but challenging. I've been stuck on the Never-Ending Maze forever though lol.

  7. Noxcron gaming

    This is a great help since I'm getting a wii u shortly because I'm short on money and can't afford anything more recent and that I've wanted a wii u for a while, also with fatal frame there was a physical version released over here in Pal regions so If your still hunting down a copy then go for the pal one since its in English but anyway great video man. you've got a new subscriber 😀

  8. Michael Raiz

    i need to stop watching these videos and get playing cause i basically know all this. btw if a physical copy of a wii u game is pricy, I highly recommend checking with prices on the eshop. Happy gaming!

  9. Kikyo4815

    I have the same problem with Minecraft, too. I got I think the PS3 version, played the tutorial, it set me free and I was like… now what? Even just some long-term objectives would have helped, like collect x amount of a material or something.

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