10 INSANE Video Game Console Mods

Sometimes modders will go to over-the-top methods just for the sake of it. Here are our favorite examples.
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48 Replies to “10 INSANE Video Game Console Mods”

  1. jonathan rademaker

    imagine if console limited editions, completely re-imagined the consoles design like that tranformers mod. instead of just getting the same comsole with different coplours and patterns you get an entirely newly designed console

  2. joseph ellis

    Love your vids… but were you smoking crack the day you made this one? The N64 controller was a massive piece of shit that was inaccurate flimsy and cheaply made… bar none the worst controller ever made

  3. heyitsbluejay

    Okay if you want a weird looking but also budget version of a console laptop you can make one for £295 with a rechargable battery, suitcase and 10 inch TV or £320 with a 20 inch TV it will look weird but will work

  4. DoogelCraft

    Back in the PS1 era, before the PS1 mini with a screen came out I had mine modded into one of those black leather briefcases and I had an old laptop screen in the lid and I mean one of those square old chunky hp screens…. It worked … Somewhat temperamental and shocked me on numerous occasions but it worked

  5. Swap-A-Pop

    I would not say its a hardware limitation, its more of a software limitation most times. Minecraft on xbox one will let you use a mouse and keyboard. Cant speak for ps4/switch

  6. Nathan Casey

    I took a 2600 and turned it into a bluetooth speaker. Some early models have speaker vents that were never used. I also used some bullet shells over the switches on my other 2600. Thought it came out nice.

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