10 games every Nintendo Switch owner should have

0:30 Super Mario Odyssey
1:25 Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
2:10 Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
3:12 Bayonetta
4:00 Mario Kart 8
4:50 Octopath Traveler
5:40 Overcooked
6:41 Sonic Mania Plus
7:41 Mario Tennis Aces
8:46 Rocket League

10 Games Every Nintendo Switch Owner Should Have. The Nintendo Switch is on fire at the moment. Experts believe it will be the best selling gaming console this year and it already sold 20 million units in its lifetime. But with a console you also need good games. We’ve taken a look at the entire Nintendo Switch catalog that’s available in stores and we decided these are the ten games you really need to get if you have a Switch.


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39 Replies to “10 games every Nintendo Switch owner should have”

  1. Cami Troche

    Mario Kart, Mario Party, Octopath Traveler for me. And Dragon Quest XI soon I guess.
    (not a big fan of most of nintendo's main characters/franchises, but Ihave to admit their first party games are pretty good quality, polished, and fun).

  2. Michael Larrison

    I believe that the Switch is an extremely powerful console (I mean, look at the games that it runs, Skyrim, Doom, Wolfenstien), and for it's current price, I believe that you should buy it (if you have the budget that is). If you still aren't sure on whether to buy it or not, look here: @t (they have a good review that basically covered everything)

  3. Rootedmanager 70

    K i only have 2 games super mario odysey and legend of zelda breath of the wild and i compleated everything in all of them. Are you saying i should buy 10 games? Lol thats worth like another nintendo switch.xD.

  4. Azan Khan

    1 . Super Mario oddecy
    2. Zelda breath of the wild
    3 . Mario + Rabbit's kingdom
    4 . Bayonetta
    5. Mario kart 8 deluxe
    6. Octopath Traveler
    7. Overcooked
    8.Sonic mania plus
    9 . Mario tenes 8
    10.Rocket league

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