10 Confessions Of A PS4 Pro Gamer After Buying An Xbox One X


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The Console Wars. Are you guilty of switching sides in the console wars and swapping out your PS4 Pro for an Xbox One X?

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 Confessions of a PS4 Pro Gamer After Buying an Xbox One X.

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By now, most gamers are aware of the console wars, if they’re not already entrenched in the console wars themselves. Whether a gamer chooses the Nintendo Switch, the Microsoft Xbox One X or the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is a personal choice for many gamers which is not made lightly, but what happens when gamers feel like switching sides in the console wars?

Since the console a gamer chooses can feel like an extension of their personality, some gamers may feel guilty making the jump to a different console brand than the one they previously chose. If you’re one of the gamers who turned traitor on their previously most beloved brand of console, never fear! You’re definitely not alone. For many gamers, taking sides in the console wars is quickly becoming a thing of the past due, in part, to the numerous exclusive features every console offers. In short, why not own them all?


Script by: Valerie M

Voice Over by: Justin Freitas

Edited by: Valerie M

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46 Replies to “10 Confessions Of A PS4 Pro Gamer After Buying An Xbox One X”

  1. Martin

    Guys, as long as both companies compete on the console market, we are getting the best out of it as a consumer. So, best to PS and Xbox, don't stop trying to out do each other because we would not want to have stagnant console market.
    Oh yeah, buy the one, that have the exclusive games that you want to play. Will Forza or GT be your poison it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it. If you have the money and Time buy both.
    I got both consoles and to be honest I couldn't not be happy gamer without Horizon Zero Down or Halo. There you have it.

  2. Mr. SEA

    My upgrade from PS4 to the Pro? A wasteful upgrade….my purchase of my Xbox One X almost a year later? Finally a proper use of the Samsung 4k tv, purchased the day I bought my PS4 Pro…I wish Sony offered 1440p support, since this is the best use of the PS4 Pro…let's be honest folks. Regardless, I am happy to own both platforms and so should you. The PS4 controller? Battery life simply sucks Sony…if you offer a built-in battery, supply one that runs longer than 5 hours please?

  3. Harrison Hunn

    You keep yelling about Sony and it’s really biased. You as a channel based on gaming should be giving opinions on all sides and it’s not fair. What about Nintendo? Have you been bias towards them? Have you switched over the war? No! It isn’t right at all.

  4. Assif Ali

    You are a Xbox lover. So dont even make the video cause its gonna be unfair. Look at all the people with playstation xbox have fewer fans then playstation and nobody ask you to give unfair views

  5. Bamidele Ojuwa

    All of u people can make fun of the ps4 pro now but when ps5 comes out and beats the xbox one X u are all gonna be shocked cuze sony is working with the latest technology to create the ps5 the console that will finally beat xbox once and for all like if u think that the person ho created this video is a xbox fanboy

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