29 Replies to “10 Confessions Of A PS4 Owner After Buying An Xbox One”

  1. Neophenom

    The most important thing about any video game console should be having good games, simple. It's the only reason I've ever used to buy any console ever, no matter the brand. As this generation near it's end, it's undeniable that the PS4 and the Switch have cornered the market in that aspect. Anyone trying to make it about anything else is just looking to justify their choices by any means.

  2. Soldierwolf6828

    I own the Ps4 Pro I just want the Xbox One X to play Gears and watch 4K movies that where Xbox won witch is weird because Microsoft doesn’t make Films or associated with SONY is a film company yet fucked up by not putting a 4K player on the pro

  3. Zelvy

    Xbox One is way more superior when it comes to features. It is also by Microsoft. Features include: gamertag change, custom profile pictures, and backwards compatibility. There’s also a wireless keyboard and mouse support and phone play.

  4. Dale

    I have owned both, upgraded to the One X and sold my PS4 slim. Worse decision I ever made. Now I’m taking a financial hit selling my Xbox One X because the software SUCKS. It’s such a pain in the ass that I want my PS4 back. Bought a Pro… I enjoyed my 360, but GOD the UI is horrible. I have to reboot my system several times a week and most of the time when I try to go somewhere the system takes me somewhere I have no idea. It sucks

  5. Reno.zik

    Well, as for me, I own both of the upraded versions. And totally happy with that choice. The PS4, for the exclusives, and the Xbox for the cross platform games, and 4k Blurays. (Just had those two guyz at a nice price, otherwise, it is way too expensive indeed)

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