10 Bizarre Video Game Consoles You've Never Heard Of

From consoles that take VHS tapes to one that is still being made to this day, we count 10 video game consoles you’ve never heard of

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Video written/narrated/edited by Grgak

Intro music: “We’re the Resistors”

Outro song: “Sunny Side Up” Jim Kulakowski (jimkulakowski.com)


20 Replies to “10 Bizarre Video Game Consoles You've Never Heard Of”

  1. Grgak Games

    For everyone about my accent.
    Lol sorry I can't really help it. It's not from where I am from or anything like that.

    It's a form of Rhotacism Speech Impediment, trust me if it's annoying to you now think on how it feels to live with it. I've been to speech therapist but nothing has really helped. Forcing myself to try and pronounce my mistakes usually comes off as really forced so I usually go with how I normally speak when voicing rolls.

    If you guys do have any feedback i'm more than welcome to it, or any ideas for top tens 🙂

  2. Mordexai

    Surprised the Sega Reactor didn't make it, initially Sega's real last console, it was Wii knock off featuring Genesis games & some 'new' games. Said games you can find on those knock off Zone consoles. Basically it was a frankenstein of Genesis and those cheap Zone consoles, & was an official SEGA product.

  3. dede9806

    Stop with the "Rs" already.. You're gonna make me puke if you roll 'em more ! That out of the way; the Funtex whatever thingy was REALLY powerful as i spotted a game with on its cover, ZHANG FE from ROMANCE OF THREE KINGDOM/DYNASTY WARRIORS.

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