10 Big Nintendo Switch Games That are Coming Soon

10 Big Nintendo Switch Games Coming Soon

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26 Replies to “10 Big Nintendo Switch Games That are Coming Soon”

  1. ZodFi

    These games look pretty meh to be honest. I thought about buying a switch, but i'm not gonna buy it just to play MK8 and Rocketleague. I need some good triple a games like battlefield, gta or red dead redemption (1 or 2 idc). and a good racing game. F1 2018, Dirt rally or need for speed!.

    Before any of this happens, i won't buy a switch. I'll wait for some improved version. Something like a Nintendo Switch Pro with a better build quality and better hardware. And if they make a new switch and it costs 400 euro's, they better have equal hardware to the ps4 and xbone.

  2. Leonardo Carvalho

    these are the 10 biggest? Nintendo launch MGSV, AC games and all that shit so people stop complaing about 98% of your games being indie/mobile. It pisses me off that every time i go to the Eshop there are 5 interesting games and the other 500 games are trash

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