10 Best Things For The PERFECT CONSOLE GAMING SETUP (2018)

Instead of a more generic gaming accessory list, we tried to think of some ways to spice up your gaming situation specifically in your living room.
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#10 Light behind the TV
Phillips Hue Smart Light Strips

Nexlux LED Strip

#9 Controller grips, thumbstick grips
KontrolFreek Ultra Thumb Grips

Grip-iT Stick Covers

Bionik Quickshot (Adds Grips, as well as trigger stoppers)

#8 A Pro Controller
Xbox One Elite Controller

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

NACON Revolution Pro Controller PS4

#7 A Cool Headset
Astro A50

SteelSeries Arctis 7

PlayStation Gold Headset

#6 Charging docks
PowerA Xbox One Charging Dock

BEBONCOOL PS4 Controller Charging Dock

#5 Fancy headset stand
Qadira Wooden Headphone Stand (Walnut Finish)

Corsair Gaming ST100 RGB Headphone Stand

Headphone Stand with Built in Wireless Charger

#4 An unnecessarily large hard drive
4TB WD Passport

Seagate Backup Plus 4TB

#3 Upgraded console (Pro/One X)
PS4 Pro

Xbox One X

#2 An over the top chair with built in speakers
DXRacer Formula Series

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

#1 A 4K HDR TV. Good HDR is almost more important than 4k.

Samsung MU8000

TCL 55R617

49 Replies to “10 Best Things For The PERFECT CONSOLE GAMING SETUP (2018)”

  1. Jo L

    That means any Samsung tvs with Google tv or Roku tvs will no longer have support so if ur 55" Samsung smart TV don't work as well or isn't getting updates this is why fire TV and Apple TV have taken over the smart TV era

  2. Jason P

    I found to upgrade PS4 controller sticks, buy Scuf rubber sticks of your preference and install those. It allows a cleaner look, not as bulky, and a better stick for us sweaty palms mofo’s without having to buy an entire controller. Yes, you have to do some disassembling, but it’s quick, easy, and worth it IMO.

  3. Bacon Williams

    I'm new to console gaming guys, help me out with this: What should I buy? A TV or a monitor for my PS4? Note: I'm buying PS4 just to play games. So my priority is the game's performance. P.S. I'm broke.

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