10 Beginner mistakes New Pilots make with the DJI Spark

In this video I will go over 10 Beginner mistakes New Pilots make with the DJI Spark.

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Video Recording Gear:
Primary Camera – Apple iPhone 7
Secondary Camera – Lumix DMC-TZ8
Drone – DJI Spark

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20 Replies to “10 Beginner mistakes New Pilots make with the DJI Spark”


    Guilty of two of those! Sport mode hauling ass into a tree! Also in intelligent mode following my truck down a hill… then took a right turn… Spark got confused with height and crashed into grass! Lol… got to learn some how!

  2. Skoda VRS

    Felipe a great video and well placed on you tube. The feedback you've had in the comments below is all constructive so don't take it personally and don't lose heart. You've got great potential and it's all good practice. Some of the best videographers and photographers go the where they are today by putting their work out there to be criticised and to learn.

    I'd like to offer you a couple of pointers to help you on your way.

    1) The titles of each section, let them sit for between 4 – 6 seconds to give the viewer enough time to read them. Intro and outro's should be between 7 & 10 seconds if they aren't animated.

    2) Your final section mentions line of sight and that it can be risky….. because it may block the wifi. When ever your publish any content make sure you are doing so within the law. So that section could have been really beefed up to explain how flying out of sight is actually illegal in the UK and that you must always remain within view. You could also extend it to explain the other rules within the drone code. The biggest mistake a lot of new drone pilots make is either not knowing the rules or just ignoring them and with the recent events at Gatwick and Heathrow you can guarantee the authorities will be watching youtube and cracking down on situations like that. It also puts good pilots in the same bucket as those who break the law….

    3) Never publish footage where you or anyone else is breaking the law. So for example, you've got a number of shots in this video where you are flying over houses and densely populated areas which is actually illegal. To gain credibility, and therefore increase your following, you have to lead by example. So always make sure you follow the rules – as boring as it may be.

    Again Felipe this video is fantastic and you're set for good things, pls don't take offence at any of the above points, it's all constructive feedback to help you on your way! Well done and stick with it.

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