10 Amazing Local Multiplayer Games on the Nintendo Wii U

10 Amazing Local Multiplayer Games on the Nintendo Wii U! The Nintendo Wii U offers some of the best local multiplayer games, here are a few you should check out!
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46 Replies to “10 Amazing Local Multiplayer Games on the Nintendo Wii U”

  1. Jibzy Luigi

    Honorable mentions:
    NBA 2K13
    Cod:Black Ops 2
    Puyo Tetris
    Tekken Tag 2
    Faat Racing Neo
    Bombing Bastards
    Nintendo Land
    (please comment below for other recommended games)

  2. Isaac B

    Half of these are kids games that would put me and my friends to sleep. Poorly thought out list unless if Wii u co-op is really that underwhelming

  3. OMA2k

    Why is Trine 2 recommended in a "Local Multiplayer Games" list? It's a single player game. All 3 characters are controlled by only one player!

  4. strk

    wait wait wait, are they AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING? because i can deal with amazing games, but the former is a lil bit much for me m8 pls reply

  5. Manuel Anguiano

    I honestly loved my wii u it had alot of great games that many people didn't get to play due to its popularity I'm glad the switch is doing well I hope we get more games ported over to the switch at least on the virtual console

  6. Dirk Mika Oliver Holm

    Skylanders/ Disney infinity
    Lego Games
    DonkeyKong Country TF

    Trine 2
    New Super Marios Brother Wii U/ Super Luigi U
    Rayman Legends

    Super Smash Brothers
    Mario Cart 8
    Super Mario Brothers 3D World
    Yoshi Woolly world

  7. Michael Gonzalez

    Mario party? Mario tennis? not the best rated games but with a group of 4 people they are a must for any Wii u owner … btw I have an Xbox one that's collecting dust while my Wii u gets played on a regular basis

  8. Fearas hm

    Instead of listing almost exclusively plattformers, I would prefer at least one shooter like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Played it with my brother and friends as much as Super Smash Bros.

  9. Thomas Wipf

    Jump & Run, Jump & Run, Jump & Run, OH an another Genre…. Mario Cart…. Wii U Sucks! I wish i never buyed one…. Just Remakes and Side-Scrolling Jump & Runs.
    Everytime the same boring and lame Stuff. I really have Hopes for the NX. Sorry Guys but this is true…

  10. Mepose

    Tropical Freeze is the only best platformer on the Wii U. Nothing but a good soundtrack, realistic characters, good background, etc. I know someone is going to say that Shovel Knight is better but TF was the best game ever made next to Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

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