1 Year with Dobby Drone: Unreleased Video

Footage starts at 1:34
As I wrap up 2017, I want to thank all my subscribers and viewers for all your support! I’ve created a compilation of mostly-unreleased video footage from one of my favorite pocket, portable drones, the Dobby Drone by Zerotech. I hope you enjoy the video!
You can buy Dobby here:

Check out my full review of the Dobby drone here:

Help/guide site for Dobby:

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26 Replies to “1 Year with Dobby Drone: Unreleased Video”

  1. Vineyard Saker

    Great video thank you! Do you use the ND filter Zerotech ships with this drone? What about the image stabilization – I don't see those horrible black bars showing up on the sides. Did you shrink the video, or did you fly in low winds, to do you not use the stabilization?

  2. Marcelo Fragoso

    Top! I received mine today and i have a doubt: does It flew well over the water? I have a tello and It losts Control when we flew over the water. I would apeciate the help. Thanks e congratulations for the vídeo.

  3. Galactic_Sweet

    Hey there! I really appreciate this video and thank you for it, i have a question can you give me some tips to make great videos and not make it stutter a lot like making it smooth. Thanks

  4. Guy Hack

    Thanks for this great return of experience. I am really considering buying it but I have read that it was not paring with some New phones such as iPhone 8 and Google pixel. Can you confirm or not if it can be paired with a Galaxy S8 ? Thanks

  5. Richard Rehder

    Very smooth and centered video. How are you controlling it? I find when it's not in "auto" mode of some type when flying forward it tends to lean alot yet yours seem centered….how did you overcome this?

  6. Ian Burley

    Really good video – do you use the neutral density filter? I've done the aluminium prop clip mod like you (mine's the same colour) and tightened the props but I'm getting that rippling effect when the scene is bright. Not tried the filter yet. I also have some problems with compass calibration but that might just be user-error!

  7. AJ pIRatZE

    Great videos..was torn to get between Dobby or Moment..but after seeing your DJI like video shots, I think I know what's the right choice..thanks for sharing this awesome shots by Dobby..

  8. Christopher Shein

    Love your videos of this drone!! I have just got this, looking forward to it being delivered!! Once I get the hang of it I will upload some Graded footage!! Would be good if you could get a firmware to shoot 4K video on this!! Happy New Year

  9. Ron Brown

    You captured some great footage with this tiny drone. I purchased one recently and really wanted to like It but I have trouble almost every time I fly it. It won't connect or ask's me for a password over and over again. And now a recent IOS update won't allow it to connect to my phone. I have to use my iPad mini which is on older version of IOS. I also have a DJI Spark and have none of these issues. I have a Android tablet and I have many of the same issues using it, more in fact. Nice video and thanks for posting. Happy Holidays.

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