32 Replies to “1 mile high parrot bebop 2 drone”

  1. Ronald Thompson

    Kbsneak, awesome ass video bro, how’d u do it? I had 2 sell my Phantom 4 Pro Falcon needing the money but I purchased a bebop 2 with my left over dollars because I saw this video of urs. Today was my 1st flight, it was foggy and I made it directly above the fog where my shot was still blurry (492ft) and it stop. Please help me out, and thanks!

  2. Stuart & Vicky

    100% bebop2 video the wobble is because he’s got it in sports mode to make sure he gets up and back before the battery dies. Mine does the same in sports mode when doing straight up!!! video mode would stop that but the battery would of died before it got back down.

  3. Ionut Hosu

    How can you people be so naive? The video is clearly not taken with a drone maybe from a hot air balloon or similar but certainly not a drone. No drone can go so high up as their battery is nowhere near enough. Wake up people and make use of your brains before believing everything thrown at you

  4. Young_ gaming

    What are u using like a iPad iPhone what because I use my iPhone 8plus and some times it lagg whan it goes up to like 100 and than it come comes down I mean it finds where it took off from like how did yours go that high whit out disconnecting

  5. ziblot123

    I cant get a wifi signal to go from one end of my house to the other…Im using flypad and Xiaomi Wifi Repeater..can I go ahead and "shoot the works" Ive lost drones before.Terrible feeling then there is my wife.."I told you" Thats yer last drone" Yabbayabba. A mile really? Are u leaving something out. I go to 100' but 5000 geet…I dunno

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