$0 Fix for Blank Clicking Samsung TV

$0 fix works for UN55D6500VFXZA Samsung TV and other similar ones that click and don’t turn on when the power button is activated. If it turns out to be the 20V capacitors, then it’s a $5 fix!

22 Replies to “$0 Fix for Blank Clicking Samsung TV”

  1. GamE FrEak

    I bought the new Samsung 4k TV. Which is expensive as hell. Now that TV making this clicking sound. It comes n go away. I don't know why it's doing this. Other than that TV is working fine. TV turn on Fine n works fine I guess except for that clicking noise.
    Fuck Samsung TV. SONY TV is the best.

  2. Clara Perazzi

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  3. Guillaume Blanchet

    Don't know if I have the exact same problem, mine tries to go on when I plug it in and goes through power cycles for ages. I've had some luck by unplugging the power button PCB (it is one of those multidirectional power buttons, it is the only button on the TV). I've also looked at the power supply board but I was mostly looking for burnt caps or loose components, I'll take a closer look at these solder joints now. Hopefully I have the same problem 🙂

  4. Doug Hodgskiss

    The TV had been working fine until we moved it downstairs then it started this on/off situation. It must have twisted it just enough to crack the solder on the terminals. Put some solder on them and it works as new! Thank You so much!

  5. Coach Chatty

    Hi. I have the same issue with my UA55D7000. I tried doing your suggestion and it hasn't worked. It was my first time using a soldering iron so it may not have been feed enough cos it hasn't worked. I'll try again but do you have any other suggestions?
    I'll upload a video of what mine is doing and post a link here shortly.

  6. Jgriffin0808081

    Killer vid! I had the exact same issue, no caps bulging but a crack around those same 2 transformer pins, hit it with the iron and solder and the tv works! I wouldnt turn on at all before, thanks for this awesome info and what to look for exactly. Thumbs up, Subscribed! Keep these vids coming!

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