0-160 & detailed review: 2018 Jaguar I-Pace

Paul Maric gets behind the wheel of Jaguar’ first ever electric car. The all-new Jaguar I-Pace offers 294kW of power (394hp) and 696Nm of torque and move from 0-100km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

In this video we test the performance claims and give you a detailed review of the all-new I-Pace. See the detailed review at CarAdvice.com.


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26 Replies to “0-160 & detailed review: 2018 Jaguar I-Pace”

  1. Wayne D

    Surely the fake engine noise would be best on the wheel archs for pedestrians to hear so that everyone is safe in the cabin seems nice to be silent as if you want acoustic in the car surely that your playlists.

    Apart from that the car is amazing.

  2. Michael Morrow

    The I-Pace video you mention is very interesting. They talk about the Model S P110D but they race the 100D which is a larger battery but not faster than a S75D; a bit of bait and switch. That being said, the I-Pace is a nice looking car and the interior of Jags has always been beautiful. Jag needs to figure a way for fast charging so that it can be more than a commuter car. A really excellent fist attempt at an EV by Jag

  3. Atul Batra

    Looks amazing. Hopefully drives well as well. I own new Range Rover Velar HSE and occasionally drive friend’s model x. What I love most about Tesla is flawless tech with all sensors. Car stays in lane so well. My Range Rover is equiped with all these so called features but no where near as efficient as Tesla. I pace has same screens and tech so I think this is same as other JLR cars with off road capabilities etc but technology is far behind Tesla.

  4. xtremerace

    I wish cars went the super hybrid route like the Porsche 918 . That way it’s the best of both worlds and it would certainly help with mileage per gallon being over the hundreds.

  5. Patrick McSwain

    A recurring theme is "I would get bored with an EV". While that is indeed correct as it is with all cars, what is even more correct, is that you will get tired of internal combustion technology. With the EV, you wake up each morning with a 'full tank'. You never even think about it. There is no warmup period. It has full power instantly. And in real world driving situations, even a low powered EV punches far out of it's weight class. No downshifting, no boost lag, no waiting for RPM to build, you have All The Power All The Time.
    I've raced for over 40 years, and have more than million miles with cars, trucks, and bikes. When there is a ZR1 Corvette, a 12 second 4×4 pickup, a CTS-V, and an 120kW EV sitting in the driveway, and I want to do errands, it's the EV that I would hop in nearly every time. It's a better tool for the job of driving. Don't get me wrong, I love big power V8s mated to stick shift gearboxes for track use. I've run up to 936 rwhp in my daily driver. But the EV wins as a transportation propulsion system. Easy, fun, no refueling, instant power. When after a few EV months I have to drive a gasoline or diesel vehicle in traffic, it is a let down now.

  6. SDav21

    Sorry but what engine drowns out road and wind noise? Most engines are barely audible at highway speeds. If it is noisy it's because… it is noisy. They did not add enough insulation.

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