🚁 DJI MAVIC AIR BEST PICTURE SETTINGS 🎥 – Prevent Noise/Grain and Soft Footage | 4K Cinematic

The DJI Mavic Air is a great drone and a lot of people are discussing if the picture/video quality is better than the quality of the Mavic Pro. As of its small sensor, the quality of the Mavic Air is definitely limited and so you really need the very best settings to get great looking, cinematic results.

The problem with the Mavic Pro was that you needed to set the sharpness to +1 to prevent it from softening trees etc. You don’t have this problem anymore with the DJI Mavic Air. But therefore you can easily get noise and also lose some fine details with the wrong settings when using the custom styles.

I always want to get the very best quality out of my cameras and drones. That’s why I tested most of the possible custom styles (sharpness, contrast, and saturation) settings of the DJI Mavic Air. This way I found out the very best picture settings that work for me.


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31 Replies to “🚁 DJI MAVIC AIR BEST PICTURE SETTINGS 🎥 – Prevent Noise/Grain and Soft Footage | 4K Cinematic”

  1. oracel

    Hi Pascal,
    I really like your channel and looking forward to every Sunday for new material.
    I have to question:
    1. How do you handle local drone regulation around the world. I mean, do you just fly your your drone…. and of course think carefully where you fly – and hope for the best. Or? ( For example in Denmark you need a license to fly in city’s and only as a professional )
    2. which fps do you normally use with your drone? ( film in 30fps and slow it down to 24fps to get the smoothness I know you do all your work in 24fps

    Best regards

  2. rocheuro

    Cool , I have to say.. I am sorry to say but I am not VERY impressed with this footage (in terms of quality) ,it's not very different from Mavic Pro which also has it's drawbacks, i've seen many reviews comparing Pro to the AIR and I must say.. sometimes in good light Air looks a bit better but other time Mavic Pro looks WAY better than the Air footage.. and strangely it appears often.. that in some situations Air footage seems very mushy , muddy, with lots of noise and little colour information.. other time in good contrast light Air footage looks amasing.. Why is that ?, on the other hand I've seen lot's of Mavic Pro footage that looks also sort of "unsaturated" but at least low noise, and very sharp (always).. I think, both are great but in certain weather conditions and some kind of haze ? in the skies they both struggle.. with Mavic Air struggles a little more.., cheers! 🙂 try use auto style instead of any sort of cine-d or natural style compare them! it may sort some issues. – found it true in some cases

  3. Helix Filmes

    Nice video. Helpful.. I just realized how noisy the image can get when you don't expose to the right, even at low ISO :/ It's definitively nice to have such a small drone, but I kinda regret I didn't wait for the mavic pro 2 to launch…

  4. Andrés Marcett

    Like your video, I have a Mavic air as well and i wonder what is the best way to set the camera values? It is possible that a dark filter on dark enviroment caused a grainy and noisy footage? Thanks

  5. Chosen Idea

    Nice job. I know exactly what you mean by the zebras on the Air. It defaults to more sensitivity than required. I think you like your image a little hotter than I do, but I may shut my zebras off too.

  6. Raul Hinojosa

    Ive had so many issues with noise with my magic air even when I shot at iso100 and no one could help! Thx so much I’m gonna try changing my contrast and hopefully that helps. I really had no idea why I had so much noise! Great video!

  7. Adventure Labs

    Loved the video, nice work! Very comprehensive. I've taken some notes for my next Mavic Air flight. I just posted a video talking about what I liked and didn't like about my air, I'd really appreciate some feedback on it! Cheers!

  8. RaInMaN FPV

    This has to be the best and most comprehensive video I've seen on the mavic airs video! Thanks for this, really liked it. I got one question, you mention about keeping sharpness at 0. What do you think of sharpness at +1? Is it too much?

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