Tivo Stream 4K users can now update their stock launcher to the Wolf Launcher. Easy to customise. You can also follow this process on the Nvidia Shield / 4K Firestick and 2nd Fire TV Cube
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  1. Juke Box Joe

    Hello Tech Doctor…Just looking at some of your videos and came across this one..I use the wolf launcher on my 4k firestick, but have never seen it with more than 5 apps in one row. How do you change the app rows ? see no setting for that in wolf launcher ?

  2. Najib Habeb

    thanks for that info. I play around, I load a single app as a default launcher. now I cannot change to other or exist using my remote control. when I press home it goes to that app, when I press exit twice it goes to google play movies. how do I go back to launcher selection ?

  3. Paulo Proença

    Your videos are fantastic and very helpful. I have installed this launcher on my Nvidia Shield and is working great. The tiles lost a lot of detail when we make them bigger. 5 tiles per row and they really don't look good. Is it possible to add hi-res tiles? Thanks

  4. Richard Ross

    In your video you say "enable Network Debugging" I Believe your using Android v9 I have v10 and there is NO "Network Debugging" with this version. So Q what is the solution please.

  5. JVH

    hey doc, one more question– when i turn off/sleep my shield and go back to watch something, the device goes back to the default nvidia launcher.. is it necessary to then to always open up the wolf apk in order for that launcher to run? or is there anyway to set up the wolf as the default launcher??? Thank you!

  6. steve a

    So when I go to the website to get he wolf launcher I don't see the same options you have I see Fire TV and Nvidia Shield? I did install the Nvidia Shield wolf launcher version but it has the Nvidia shield logo at the top. But it works.

  7. JVH

    hey doc, so i restarted my tivo stream and launched the wolf but it's locked up my device, only see the tivo logo, the time and my background.. no apps show up.. I double checked to make sure both launcher apps where in internal storage and they are. i really like the launcher and want to keep it..any solution so that the apps show up?? Thank you

  8. Dalibor Pencik

    Hello, could you please tell me who makes WOLF launcher? Where can i find it on google play? Has it any support or development? It looks like a ATV Launcher which is not supported/develeoped by creator. Thank you for answer.

  9. Claudio

    hi TD is there a way on android tv to get the tv channel or app you are currently watching to keep playing in the background as you scroll different apps ? this is standard on lg and samsung tv's

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