๐Ÿ”ด Super Paper Mario – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 (Nintendo Wii)

Super Paper Mario – Gameplay Walkthrough on Nintendo Wii, completing all of Chapter 5 and battling Chapter Boss King Croacus! In order to get hyped for Paper Mario: The Origami King, Abdallah goes on a Paper Mario Marathon, playing all of the older Paper Mario Games, with family-friendly commentary in HD 1080p 60fps.
๐ŸŽฅ Super Paper Mario Playlist (Nintendo Wii)

Welcome to the Paper Mario Marathon leading up to Paper Mario: The Origami King on Nintendo Switch! In this marathon, I’ll be streaming the main story of all of the Paper Mario games LIVE on YouTube! Be sure to LIKE (๐Ÿ‘), SUBSCRIBE, and turn on Notifications (๐Ÿ””) to be alerted of the latest and greatest Paper Mario Content!

00:00 Welcome & Thanks for Subscribing!
02:57 Count Bleck Cutscene
07:04 Mario team scene & Preparation
25:07 Chapter 5-1: Downtown of Crag
53:59 Chapter 5-2: Pixls, Tablets and Crag
1:27:14 Chapter 5-3: A Crag in the Dark
1:59:06 Chapter 5-4: The Menace of King Croacus
2:17:39 Oโ€™Chunks battle
2:20:08 Floro Sprout & Dimentioโ€™s plan
2:28:43 King Croacus battle
2:33:13 Floro Sapiens scene & Pure Heart
2:36:48 Thanks For Sharing! ๐Ÿ‘ If You Enjoyed It!

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29 Replies to “๐Ÿ”ด Super Paper Mario – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 (Nintendo Wii)”

  1. Indra Taylor


  2. Dranka

    Not much 'paper' in this 'paper mario', huh? It could be named 'Super 2D Mario' cause the whole shtick is based on Mario and the world being flat rather than paper.

  3. David Johnstone

    When you do chapter 6: Samurai Kingdom, there is a small glitch you can try when versing Mimi.ย 
    Step 1: Before you verse Mimi (Chapter 6-2) make sure you have selected Bowser as your character.
    Step 2: Once you interact with the king he will transform into Mimi challenging you to fight.
    Step 3: After the Dialogue ends Mimi will rise into the air, it will take her 2 seconds before the battle begins.
    Step 4: When she rises up you have 2 seconds to go up to her and breathe fire into her face.
    Step 5: She will Immediately fall and the battle is won ๐Ÿ˜Šย 
    Hope you try out this epic glitch I found out when I was a kid. It might be patched but it is still worth mentioning.

  4. Ejay Perez

    1:22:40 (Abdallah accidentally used the Ultra Shroom Shake)
    Abdallah: WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!!!
    Wow! I laughed so hard at this part. Itโ€™s so hilarious and entertaining. I love it so very much. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  5. Jsabravo

    Great walkthrough, I love seeing your streams.. Also I agree with you, SPM is not as enjoyable as the first two games, leveling up is not rewarding at all. I love badges as much as you do on the first two games ๐Ÿ˜‚.

  6. FaZe Perdoses

    I love this game so much but itโ€™s ok that you may not enjoy it as much as the previous two it makes me happy when you compliment it for what you do like and I donโ€™t mind you making sarcastic jokes because I find them funny and true.

  7. gracie

    I think your point about the game pandering more-so towards a younger audience is very true. I first played this when I was a kid and I absolutely LOVED it, now watching you play it and point all the very valid criticisms of the game (such as the un-interactive mine cart scenes, the blandish characters) it definitely doesn't appear to have the same charm that the first two games hold. I personally still think it's a good game, but I can 100% see where you're coming from. I don't think you've played my favourite chapter yet so hopefully the gameplay gets better, but anyways great stuff on the series so far! I recently became a member and Iโ€™m really enjoying all these streams!!

  8. LuigiChannel50 - Just Watches Videos

    Honestly… I really don't see how this game was rushed. Rushed onto the Wii maybe since it was originally developed for the GameCube, And it also uses the same engine as TTYD. (And even then it would only be the motion controls) But beyond that most of the elements you think are "rushed" are just the design decisions made for this game. Not sure if development priorities was gameplay first or not… But the end result clearly favored story telling and world building over everything else.

    Which is why many people consider this to be the last true Paper Mario game despite it obviously being more of a spin off. While the game is not perfect and can be seen as half baked in certain areas. It has real charm to it that cannot be, And never will be replicated the same way ever again. You either love it for what it is, A spin off of the series with a unique gameplay style and by far the best story telling in the Mario franchise that continuously builds as it goes on. Or you don't, And that's ok.

    It was polarizing for a reason. Gameplay wise it's not comparable to the first two, But narrative wise it easily surpasses them. Chances are that if this game was turn based. It would easily be considered the best.

  9. Super Mario

    Please Iโ€™m falling asleep over here I need sticker star and color splash, I bought this game and sold it after Chapter 1-1, I didnโ€™t even give it a chance, but Iโ€™m kind of happy I get to experience it now

  10. Christopher Zhuo

    A very good chapter in the game besides the uneccessary stuff in 5-1. I am liking this series so far. Good Job!
    Also, not sure if this is a spoiler, (if it is, I am sorry) but I think that after this chapter, if you go to Merlee and talk to her on the other side of the counter, she gives you a sidequest to get something optional.

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