► 2013 Nissan LEAF

Changes to the 2013 Nissan LEAF start with improved energy efficiency* due to refined aerodynamics, a wider range of regenerative braking, improved energy management and a newly available 6.6 kW onboard charger that reduces 220V charging time nearly in half to approximately four hours for full charge*. In addition, a new lower priced entry-level LEAF S grade joins the previous SV and SL grades, while an array of feature enhancements are added to the LEAF SL grade, including leather-appointed seating and 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels. Also, three new option packages are available — offering advanced systems such as Around View® Monitor and 7-speaker Bose® energy efficient audio.

Due to efficiency improvements, the 2013 Nissan LEAF is expected to offer improved range, with testing on the EPA test cycle to be announced closer the vehicle’s on-sale date.

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  1. joelfdes1

    Well, I find them to be cool looking! Maybe it's the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder thing. Many westerners seem to dislike Japanese designs but from my point of view, Japanese cars look kinda cool.

  2. ngvconversion

    I took a huge risk getting an electric car not knowing how it would turn out. I felt a bit of anxiety at first when I saw the battery level dropping every minute or so. I've gotten used to it and I drive electric 80% of the time now. Haven't driven my gas car in a month. My employer let me install a 220V outlet at work. Only cost me $160. If you get one, make sure it charges at 6.6kw and not 3.3kw. 6.6Kw charges twice as fast.

  3. RF

    $3 per gallon? What part of the country are you in? Even here in the Midwest (Wisconsin), gas is currently $3.85/gallon. I am so ready to replace one of our cars with something that does not have the 4 dollar a gallon habit.

  4. ngvconversion

    I paid $600 for the 220V charger/EVSE from ClipperCreek not $1500. I wired my own 220V outlet with parts from Home Depot. Home Depot sells the 220V chargers, but they cost a bit more. The average buyer spends $30K for a car now. The 2013 Leaf will only cost $24K after the tax credit. EVs are here to stay. No way am I going back to paying $3 per gallon when electric is only about $0.70 per gallon in comparison.

  5. Burk Johnson

    regular home charge means = 110V.. If you are paying $1500 buckS for 220 volt upgrade, this translates to $1500 / $45 (regular gas fill up for such size car) = 33 gas fill ups for free… This is almost 2 years of free gas for a gas powered car.. Yes you save the rest of gas money with paying such premium up front cost for such ugly cars but why wouldn't car manufacturers help with 220v upgrade at the garage while their car battery charge up times only make more sense with it…

  6. ngvconversion

    All you guys comment about the poor styling, but this thing is 5x cheaper to fuel than a gasoline car. Did you all have a brain fart and forget how god-awful expensive gasoline is? Nissan cut the home charge time from 8 hrs. to 4 hrs. on the 2013 model. That's kick-ass. You sound like the same guys that said cell phones were a waste of time back in the late 80s.

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